Love me like you do

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Tara looked at the mirror. The reflection was perfect. The waxing was a torture, but the effect was magic indeed. Tara almost felt the heat between the loins looking at the nude body in the mirror.

The shower was long and lethargic. Tara was tempted to explore but resisted. The night was still young. Tara hadn’t used a shampoo for ages. The perfume was titillating, undeniably. “Oh Raghu, I am coming for you”.

Tara looked at the pile of dress, neatly folded on the bed. Tara started with the pink panty. It was Victoria’s secret and lacy, that showed more than it told. The pink padded bra felt a bit harsher on the skin. The straps hurt. There was a small misjudgement of size. The lingerie combination looked odd. Lacy panty and padded bra.

The underskirt was short in length as well. But pink. It’s a rare colour for an underskirt. But it looked quite sexy. The Saree was chiffon. It looked better than the picture on the website. Tara expertly draped the nine yards. “Practice makes Perfect”. How true.

Tara felt stupid while doing the rest of the makeup. It was hot and sultry and sweat beads started emerging under the nose. Tara realized that most of the make up should have been done before wearing the saree.

The Uber driver was a handsome guy.

“OTP please Madam”, he had asked. First round victory.

Raghu opened the door, as soon as Tara dialled his number from outside the gate.

Tara extended the right hand and felt silly. This was not a business meeting!

Raghu froze, backed away and cried. No! I can’t do it! I am sorry! Please leave Tarakesh! I can’t love you the way I love my Sheetal!

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Ranjit Narayanan
Ranjit is an Engineer by profession, does a sales job that takes him to different corners of earth and those journeys make him pen down few words to lean away the boredom of constantly watching the lazy clouds outside the window of airplanes.
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