The Curse

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“Enough!!!” roared Maa Durga* as another wailing soul of an infant girl was brought to the gates of heaven.

“There has to be an end to this. If men do not want women to be born, then so be it. Henceforth, no women will walk the earth, whether existing or new,” she cast the curse and with a swish of her saree, climbed on her lion and left.


“Yaar**.. Rohit, what luck! There’s no one to disturb and nag us now. I can do anything I like, drink beer, put my clothes on the floor, leave the toilet seat back up….” said an excited Yug while killing one of Rohit’s men in PUBG.

“Agreed. And those yucky long hair in the bathroom ….gone! Best of all, no fights between best friends over the same girl,” replied Rohit.

“Maa, the men don’t seem to miss women at all. Look at them; partying, seeing sports, eating junk food, drinking beer and all these gaming competitions! Seems like the consoles would be deciding all crucial matters henceforth. Isn’t that wonderful?” lamented a happy Narad, swinging to the tunes of ‘char bottle vodka…’***


“Maa, the men have turned into robots without women. Laughter, love, tenderness have vanished; replaced by mechanical humdrum. The productivity of men have declined due to negligence to work and home.

Rape of men have increased. To reproduce they are cloning each other, resulting in same men being born again and again. There are no new ideas and no new solutions to the world problems, same leaders demanding walls and wars. The world seems to have come to a standstill. The human race will perish soon, please restore the balance of the yin and yang,” pleaded Narad as Maa Durga walked away singing, ‘dushman ki dekho jo vaat lavli…’****


* Maa Durga – Indian Goddess

**Yaar – slang for friend

***Char bottle Vodka (4 bottles of Vodka): a Bollywood Song sung by Honey Singh

**** Dushman ki dekho jo vaat lavli (The enemies have been thrashed) : another Bollywood song from the movie Bajirao Mastani

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Divisha Agrawal Mittal
Divisha Agrawal Mithal is currently a stay at home Mom, based in USA. She was a Banker by profession in her earlier stint in the corporate world. She is an avid reader, who loves to read historical fiction. Writing is fairly new to her, she is still learning the ropes of this creative field.
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