GDSCC, Mojave Desert, California

Milosz Szyma?ski, the new Polish Intern had been taking notes from the Hyperwall that was streaming images from the earth observing system.

A single file of scientists walked in through the sliding doors. He knew only one man dressed in Army fatigues, the big boss, Scientist Adam Radslow, He signalled Szyma?sk to step aside as he went to the video wall.

He pointed the laser on the videowall map from Bogota, Guayaquil, eastwards to Kinshasa, Nairobi and settling down over Medan through Singapore. Szymanski’s eyes followed the laser that tailed the few major cities along latitude 0°

“Do you see anything amiss, gentlemen?” Adam spoke addressing no one. A few strained their necks to look closer on the Video wall.

“Sir, the Foucault Pendulum readings….” Everyone turned their heads to Szymanski.

Adam growled “Creeps, it takes a babyface Polack intern to discover that Holy Mother Earth decided to take her pedal off the gas today. The speed has come down to 0.0004rpm, and my skinny-dipping wife in Singapore Marina Bay Sands pool says that it’s still daylight at 11 PM. Earth has slowed down to 800 mph. By lunch, we would be pulled by our nuts into stratosphere.”

“It’s fucking Armageddon in few hours. ISS sent us Hubble pictures of asteroids planning holidays to Vegas. Snowflake must order complete shutdown of all Nuke stations and fossil burners ateast for an hour and pray. That’s one last opportunity for Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief to become the Redeemer.”

The Secretary of state nodded in agreement.

As earth plunged into darkness, the bulk around the axis eased and the Foucault readings began to increase to 0.006. Mother earth couldn’t afford to be selfish, after all, but the warning served was just as good for the moment.



GDSCC- Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex (GDSCC)

Hyper wall- Video wall screen

Foucault Pendulum- A device that is used to demonstrate Earth’s rotation on its axis

(Normal speed- 0.000694 rpm/ 1000 miles/hr at equator)

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Ranjit Narayanan
Ranjit is an Engineer by profession, does a sales job that takes him to different corners of earth and those journeys make him pen down few words to lean away the boredom of constantly watching the lazy clouds outside the window of airplanes.
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