I woke up feeling lighter than usual. I had a new spring in my step. The multivitamins appear effective, I thought happily. I quickly brewed my morning cuppa and turned on the television for IPL highlights only to see static. I realized that my whatsapp had not started it’s usual pinging of good morning messages either. I’m generally proud of my uninterrupted network, so this was a major disruption.

Starting for work grumpier than usual, the happiness of springy steps was replaced with concern as breathing became laborious. Is it cogestion or was air getting thinner? Why was it so uncomfortably sunny? I took the elevator unable to brave the stairs and was jolted as it shot up speedily and opened to the shaft wall. The emergency bell brought the maintenance personnel who managed to extricate me. The elevator was turned off.

All the strangeness was the topic of discussion, as work was impossible without network. Sparce air, wierd wind patterns, accidents due to braking failures and what not. Adarsh, our regular brag, broke the melancholy by raving about Rohit Sharma’s batting prowess that he watched live in stadium. After a slew of bouncers he sent an easier delivery out of the stadium!

No network, no news feeds, meant no gossip. We discussed bizarre theories, all ranging from impending wars, UFOs, Heavenly wrath etc. We left early, taking the stairs slowly to avoid tripping, as we seemed to miss our footing.

The clear evening sky reminded me of yesterday’s news flash about the pink moon to be seen in tonight, wondering if that was somehow responsible for all the strangeness. But the moon failed to show up that night, pink or white. It then dawned on me, that the world was probably losing its attachment to us.

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