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Please understand, Mumma. I am busy with my studies,” almost yelled Manisha. “No dear, I know you are not studying. I am your mother and know you well. I can very well see you. You are reading Manorama,” replied Jyoti. She felt aghast.

But Manisha wasn’t bothered enough to react or respond, this further frustrated Jyoti. She went near her daughter and started with what the teenager called ‘another boring session of preaching.’

“Manisha, you are fourteen plus now. At this age, I expect you to help me at least with some basic household chores. I and your dad haven’t ever discouraged you from studying; rather we wish that you pursue your dream and become a doctor. But still dear, you shall help me in some way, may be kitchen work, making beds or with grocery. But you never pay a heed. Don’t you understand that even I get tired?  At your age, I had learnt partial cooking.”

Manisha didn’t wait to answer back, “Mumma, your time was different; you didn’t have any aim. But I have already set my priority and I want to become a doctor. I am not meant for this scrap work.  When needed, I will keep maids to look after the domestic work.”

A heartbroken Jyoti was left speechless. “I wish that happens dear. Yet, I wish that you shall do some work. After all, that will divide my work and relax me.”

Soon Jyoti had realized that it was futile to expect from her stubborn daughter. She had to accept her obstinate and laidback attitude.


“Sia, come. You are already late for the tuition. I too have to rush to the hospital for an emergency, “said Dr Manisha.

“Yes Mumma, I am coming,” answered Sia. She continued watching her favorite TV serial.

Twenty minutes had passed; the plate was still lying untouched on the dining table waiting for its recipient. This was enough to agitate an already hassled Manisha. She screamed, “Sia, what is your problem? Why don’t you listen? I keep shouting at top of my lungs and waste my energy but to no avail. You know I am so busy and tossing between house and hospital, the maid is also on leave but you are not even concerned about your food, leave alone tendering some help to me.”

Now, how could a ‘soon to be teen’ girl take the bomb blasted on her, “dear mother, then you should have arranged for another maid. Look, I am busy with school and tuitions. Moreover, I don’t like this household work.”

Sia continued, “Just wait and watch. When I grow up, I will keep half a dozen maids and will guide them.”

Oops! Did the past resurface right in front of Manisha? The karma had taken a full swirl and her replica was sitting right in front of her.

She was too dumbfounded to hear Sia’s words, “Please understand, Mumma.”



Photo By:  Kyle Gregory Devaras


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