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The Doll’s Lullaby

On an empty street,
in a deserted alley,
among the smelly bins,
lay a tattered doll.

On a full moon night,
into the shadowed space,
walked a fragile child,
to make her home among the cluster.

On a broken stool,
in the narrows path,
the child began to hum,
urging the doll to sleep.

On the adjacent road,
in a car that stood still,
sat a woman sobbing,
grieving the loss of her child.

On the clouds above,
in the folds of white dust,
the angels made a plan,
and the breeze blew gentle.

On a soft feather bed,
in a lovely huge house,
the child slept smiling,
while the woman sewed the doll.


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Srivalli Rekha
Srivalli Rekha
Srivalli Rekha is a blogger, writer, nature lover, passionate cook, an amateur photographer who cannot live without reading books and good music. Her stories are featured in Sweek Flash Fiction Book(2018), Tales From the Cliff Anthology (2018) and 72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games Volume IV (2018).
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