The day broke…

On shore a mist was gently lifting;

A morning breeze just pushed it by

The brightening twilight was slowly shifting

When something caught his sleepy eye

There was something…

The seaweed appeared to be in trouble

He felt a fear hard to explain

He saw a ripple begin to bubble

And suddenly grow calm again

Then he saw…

She came out of the water dripping

Sat in silence upon the rocks

While the infant sun was peeping

Shook gently dry her auburn locks

He watched her…

Brush from her arms water that lingered

Wiggle dry her scaly tail fin

Comb her ringlets with her fingers

And caress her smooth, glowing skin

He stood still…

She started singing in a mournful wail

 Bending to gaze at her reflection

 Splintered it with a swipe of tail

 Self-indulgence her predilection

 She noticed him…

 With eager hand she smiled and beckoned,

 Nodded and gestured like a child

 She was calling him to her, he reckoned

 He stood his ground, though beguiled

 He called out…

 “Pretty mermaid, what’s the matter?

 You’re sometimes playful, sometimes low

 Do you miss the play and chatter

 When your undersea friends run to and fro?”

 She was listening…

 “Or the lusty mermen who whistle and gape

 Try to kiss you on the ocean floor

 From whom on your sea horse you escape

 To uncharted caves you go explore?”

 He stepped closer…

 “The rusty shipwrecks that you see

 Treasure chests would you like to keep

 Souls of dead sailors, set them free

 From the bottom of the ocean deep?

 She looked alarmed…

 “I won’t harm you, I would not dare

 I envy you your life in many ways

 You splash in the shallows with not a care

 You bask in the sunlight’s golden rays”

 She smiled shyly…

 “When the day is over the dolphins sing

 And the sun sets fire to the flying fish

 The starfish and the stingray bring

 In oyster shells the gifts you wish

 Her eyes were…

 The colours and tempers of the ocean

 In a flash, she slithered and fled

 Disappeared in fluid motion

 Was it something that he’d said?

 He wonders if…

 She still roams free beneath the waves

 Her spirit alive amidst the spray

 Exploring deep mysterious caves

Sings hauntingly the night away…

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Beetashok Chatterjee
Beetashok Chatterjee is a seaman by profession. This old sea dog is also a wannabe poet/writer, avid reader, music lover, movie buff, cricket enthusiast and a restless spirit.
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