The Purple Rose

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A long sigh broke the silence of the night. Tears flowed as Elissa stared through the window. The full moon, the dancing ivy, and the scent of jasmine did not ease her pain.

For years she asked the same question knowing there was no answer. But, that night was different. Elissa escaped the ball in the Acton house stating a headache.

Who would have thought he’d be there tanned from years of exposure to the hot sun. It wasn’t his presence that had stunned her. It was his eyes; the accusation in them that knocked the breath out of her. His mocking tone stabbed her heart.

Elissa didn’t understand. It was he who ignored the youthful confession of her feelings. How she waited, hoping he’d reply or visit to express his love for her. She knew her parents wouldn’t agree. He had no title. So what?

Then, she heard he left for India. Six months later she was married to an earl. He was a kind man. But, her heart was locked away. Years passed, her husband too passed away.

“Elissa…” A hoarse whisper.

She ran to the garden and stopped three feet away from him.

“I shouldn’t have come.”

“You didn’t come when I waited for you.”

“What do you mean? I never knew how you felt.”

“I… Sent you a letter.”

He shook his head. “I swear, Elissa. I got no letter. I couldn’t even contact you. And, I left.”

“Why now?”

He showed her a tiny purple coated silver rose. She checked her bracelet with trembling fingers.

“I wanted to know why you still kept this.”

“Now you do.”

He looked at her. “Yes… I see you are out of mourning.”

She said nothing.

Finally, he murmured. “Do I get a second chance?”

Elissa nodded.

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