The Valedictory

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“Oh death!! You win, I lose. I bow to you.” My grieving heart couldn’t accept the unbearable news. I was introspecting over the inexorable reality of death and the ineffable truth of life.

I contemplated that possibly the Gods were riled by our indomitable spirit, perhaps perceived as our arrogance, and might have conspired against this great fiasco.

It was not an unusual morning, a foggy day during the winters. The continuous monitoring of the wall clock had put an extra pressure on both, mother and daughter, who were already hard pressed with their daily chores and routines.

“Ma, I’m taking your scooter. I’ll come back in five minutes, and pack our lunch boxes. We’ll have breakfast and leave together”, were the last words I heard from my daughter.

Hearing her fast-paced voice, I ran into the room from the kitchen. My apprehension was genuine and well founded. I shouted, “Take the helmet with you!” but she was already on her way and out of ear shot.

My entire physical motion was only activated with every breath of my child; in the comatose condition. Emotionally wrecked, my existence became insignificant.

The doctor politely asked me,”Are you ready, Deepa?” Blankly staring at my daughter, I replied, “Please take her and begin your procedures. I’ll attest to the veracity of my statement”.

The vacuum in my life was engulfing my entire psyche, in this buzzing hospital.

The wait seemed endless, as if I’d an inexhaustible amount of time on my hands.

Finally, the doctor approached me and said: “I’ve good news for you. We’ve been able to transplant the kidneys, lungs, eyes and heart of your daughter to donors across various age groups. Her body, as per your wish, has been donated to the medical college for further research”.

The doctor paused for a moment, catching his breath. “Thank you for your determination and positive attitude ” he said, gently patting my hand. “Your daughter is alive among all these people. You are truly blessed”.

“Ah, I’m blessed? How relieved I’m to know that, doctor. There’s no necessity of cremation. My only daughter lies in the morgue of the hospital where would-be doctors will anatomize her body for the benefit of this noble profession.” My sarcasm brewed in the froth of my speech.

Sitting inside my house, and staring at the northern pole star, I mumbled to myself: “My fearless soul has won. You’re a loser, Yama. The last eighteen days were like the Kurukshetra battle fought between you and me. We are even now. I’ve been able to fulfill my daughter’s dreams. You revel in killing whereas I exult in living. Let’s commemorate and celebrate our alliance!” My vocal tone vented my spleen.

The mobile rang, I answered impatiently. “Are you alright Deepa?” Laughing at the doctor’s concerned voice, I replied, “Do me a favor. Please visit me immediately, there’s precious little time to complete the procedures. I’ve also decided to donate my body”.

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