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We never realise that our own choice leads us to a situation which may be good or even bad. If we were thrown out into an awful things we literally start to curse our fate not recognising that this was our very own choice but if we were thrown out into a great place we adore ourselves and tell everyone that it was our choice to make this out. 

Things will never be in our way even if we want it to because it’s the way it has been formed and we have to live in it. We have to adjust to it. Moreover, we have to accept it. 

But sometimes you may have to change when it’s time since it may lead to great worldly pleasures or may not even. But throughout our life, we just try and try and our life is full of maybe’s, so it’s better to give a try and find a way out. 

The most powerful thing that can change one totally which is now being appreciated throughout the world for its uses and its reach. It does have many useful things but it matters how we use it. It’s a dark world created by one tap. We give ourselves into it. We should be in control but sometimes it leads us into it by ourselves naturally immersing in it. We never know it until we start to lose up something that we feel precious to us. 


My name is Sera Augustine, 16 years old. Aiming to become a translator. I’ve been very cautious of not being fall into the trap of addiction to anything. So far I’ve balanced. But now I get a feeling like I won’t be able to since its a new school and here every one is seemed to be addicted to something. And I’ve got friends here already, they’re good at communication. I love to speak to them. They’re so comical. One day I invited them to my home for dinner. We had so much fun. My parents loved my friends. For me, my family is the first priority and then only my friends. 

Once we had a basketball match on our campus. We enjoyed it. And somehow we came to meet up with the queen of the campus, actually, it’s her nickname just in our school not outside though. But anyways I gotta admit that she was really cool, she deserved that name. She invited us to her home party. We were so excited about it and went on to the party not even thinking of what the dress code even. We wore the dress we got which was so pretty and when we entered everyone’s eyes were on us and they laughed. Everyone laughed at us. 

We felt ashamed and left from there without waiting another minute. The very next stepped into my home there was a notification. I saw it and it broke my heart into pieces. Our pictures were secretly taken by some person and posted it on every social media. And after that we never faced her. 

A few years later there was a house party. I attended it without my friends. I don’t know how but I ended up being friends now with that queen of our campus. She took a picture of us and posted it right away. She wrote, “New bestie” along with a smiley. Little did I know that this growing friendship I had with her could damage me. It was like I know this is a dark place and restricted to enter though I dared to enter into it. 

Pictures of us travelled along with every contact of hers and slowly every eye which looked at me as if I’m an alien and disgusted turned into the eyes with surprise and friendly. Everyone didn’t know my name but they knew now. Sure does she has some power to turn over these things. The persons who teased us then were friends with us now. My old friends started to avoid me. I didn’t give a damn about it then. 

We, my new group of friends and myself got famous throughout the campus. We went out, had many parties, giggled, done gossips and every tiny thing that a girl loves to do as well as done the things that every teenager does or wants to do. And of course! We even tried drugs. It surely gave me wonderful fantasies, I have to admit it, never felt that level of pleasure. 

We never talk about things, we just see things and if it’s either lovely or gross, we take a picture and post it online with a caption based on what it feels like to us or looks like to us. We were totally into and always online. Though we have a meeting point and meet up sometimes, we won’t talk but see each other and just start to speak through our two thumbs that we have. 

Once when I was getting ready for a night party, I wore a dazzling dress. It looked perfect on me. There was a knock on the door, I felt so lazy as well as I didn’t have any more time to think so I quickly grabbed my purse and started to walk out but just then she grabbed my arms. 

It was my mom, she looked gloomy. I turned over to her and asked what was the matter but to be quick to reply as I was in a rush. She giggled and friends she let out my arms free and said,

“Where are you going this late?”

“Where would you think I go?!…. Of course, I’ll go to the party”

“Is that only matters to you much nowadays”

“Mom, don’t start it-“

“Why not? Huh? You know you’ve changed a lot. You are not my child. You’re someone that I don’t know. The day when you stopped to eat a simple dinner with your family and smile at us was the day when I lost my child. Every time every hour I look at you, you don’t look at me, our eyes are never met from the day when you left your eyes on that stupid box”

“Don’t anymore. I’m having fun here. Okay! You don’t get it. Of course! You guys won’t get it since you’re a level behind us”

“No… this is all that Amelia’s fault”

“Now, don’t you dare to push away those things as Amelia’s fault just because you don’t understand. She’s the one who made me look into this world. It’s so wonderful. It’s a great pleasure”

“It’s not. I can clearly see that in you. Here in your heart, you’re screaming for help”

“You don’t know anything mother. And moreover, there’s nothing more to speak about. I’m off, I’m already late”

When I got out of the door, I took a cab and headed towards the party. The moment I entered the party, everyone welcomed me. I felt the shiver or it should be said as afraid of knowing that I’m going in the wrong way but only until I saw those gentle eyes whom are actually welcoming me now. I felt glad to have them here. I knew that this is me. And this is what I longed to do. I felt strong. 

After some days, when I was waiting for my friends at the meeting point, I took one selfie and posted it. I just browsed until they showed up. To my surprise, they showed up along with a letter on their hands. They shoved the letter to me and sat on their respective seats and then started to do their things online. I took the letter and looked at it closely, I thought it must be from one of my old friends. It said, 


I crushed the letter and walked towards the chimney and threw it in the fire. After hanging out with my friends, I walked out from there and glared at the sky. It was cloudy. I slowly walked towards home, the rain started to pour on me. 

My thoughts went on and on…. ‘Isn’t it this what I really wanted? Doesn’t this is where I fit? It makes me happy and gives me pleasure, then why do I feel like am missing something here?…’ 


But at last I got myself got together and firmly came to the conclusion that this is me and this is the way I love to be. So I do fit in this and having a great and wonderful thing which makes me happy. And this is where I belong. 


We, my friends and I continued to be with just seeing things and speaking by making work our two thumbs. And always stood online. We were totally immersed in it. 


Photo By: Paul Hanoaka


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