“You seem busy Adil!”, Neha called out to her young son.


“I am.” retorted Adil, sounding grown up, engrossed in a cardboard tube that had carried an amazon parcel recently. 


Would you like to tell me about it? Asked Neha.


“How can I tell you about it when I am busy, mom?” Asked Adil sounding cross. 


Neha sighed. Adil was just seven but he had always been precocious. He had few friends, and he did not seem to mind that. He loved books and activities that challenged him. 


His latest love was science.  “I am looking for viruses. “he explained seriously, feeling sorry for his mother. 


Neha jerked her head up. “What kind of virus Adil?” She asked softly. 


“The Corona Virus. “The child answered sweetly. I am looking through my microscope, he added. 


“Why are you looking for it? She asked him, a wave of affection washing over her. 


“Well, it is making so many people sick. I think the virus is being cheeky. I want to find it and send it back home. 


“Oh, how sweet of you my child! Exclaimed Neha. 


“But where is its home? Do you know?” Asked Neha testing the child. 


“Sam’s dad says it first came from China, a big place, and ran off to a lot of places, refusing to be caught.”


“Oh, ok, said Neha, seeing the virus through his eyes for a moment. 


“Do you know that there are more viruses in the world than stars in the sky Adil? Neha asked him gently.


He eyes widened in amazement. 


“Once you find the Corona Virus, what will you do Adil? Continued Neha, looking deep into his eyes. 


“I am sure I must send the naughty virus back home.” He repeated, with childlike innocence. 


“I know! I am going to look for more viruses who do not make people sick and make an army of them to take Corona virus home.” He exclaimed. They can be the good guys.” He conceded. 


“That is an interesting idea darling. “said Neha, ruffling his hair. 


“Mom, is it true that some bad guys let the bad virus out? He asked, looking at his mom with serious eyes. 


Neha looked shocked. “Who told you that Adil? She asked. 


“I heard Sam’s dad and his friends talk about it.” Adil replied. 


“We still do not know much about this virus love; would you like to study it when you grow up? Neha asked smilingly.


“I may. I may also become a truck driver of a blue truck. “Adil chimed happily. 


“I am going to China.” Declared Adil suddenly. Neha woke up from her reverie. 


“China?” She asked. 


“It does not matter who fired the shot but who paid for the bullet. I will find that out.” Adil chirped. Neha almost fell off the chair.


Where did you hear that?


“I heard grandma discussing her writing event theme “the child replied, poring over his microscope. 


“Out of the mouths of babes.” Mumbled Neha and scooped up Adil.

Image credit – Unsplash.com

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