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It was the night before Christmas, and all was quiet around the house. Not a creature was stirring, except five year old Lily Grouse! She sat up excitedly in bed, her auburn curls framing her little head. She eagerly peered out the window, and listened for any sound coming from lower floor! Mother had polished the home, it was spic and span. She had baked delicious bread and cookies, Lily herself garnished the cookies with cherries from a can. Mother had made Lily promise her that she would get a good night’s rest, in order to be at her best!

But little Lily Grouse was up all night, trying to recall the jolly man’s sight.. She recalled he was big and round with large red cheeks. He had a loud, roaring laugh, and huge, no!, ‘enormous’ feet! Lily had been very little when she last caught sight of him, but now she was older and mother said she was 3 feet tall and not as thin! She had written him a letter, oh yes she could spell and was proud of her achievement, mother could tell! Her little heart pounded and thudded in her chest, she just couldnt shut her eyes, she did try her best!

Lily tiptoed down the stairs, and looked longingly at the fireplace, the cherry cookies looked lonely, so she gave it a taste! At last there were some sounds at the door, she excitedly called out to mother so she would know! The door swung open, and the tall man walked in, he was just as she had pictured him, it wasn’t just a dream! While all the little children were wishing for Santa that night, little Lily Grouse wished for her Father, a military man, to return and hug her real tight!

-Natasha Sequeira

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