Asha-a ray of Hope

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There lived a grumpy kid named Asha. Her parents fulfilled all her demands, still she was always unsatisfied. Fed up with her tantrums her parents suggested her to write to Santa all her wishes that will make her happy. She thought carefully of everything nice and listed down all the best things in the world, toys, dolls, dresses etc. And dropped her letter at the postbox before Christmas-
“Dear Santa,
Bring the items in the list. 
And Don’t be late. 
69, Dorothy Street.
Santa Claus
North Pole.”
Santa that night collected all the letters from that area and took her letter too. On openning her’s he looked perplexed at the list of items, written on a roll of paper which ran down Santa’s staircases. On the Christmas night he started distributing all the gifts. But before reaching Asha, Santa’s reindeers took a break and while eating carrots mistakenly chewed a part of Asha’s envelope. A terrified Santa said,”Oh dear what have you done…..but, dont worry, I think I remember this address.” 
Next day the Sun shone the brightest on Christmas. All the kids received gifts left by Santa. Asha also woke up excitedly, but to find nothing. She became furious, and started throwing everything, she could not be pacified. 
Suddenly, her attention was drawn to the TV, where a bunch of ecstatic kids were dancing wearing new dresses and with new toys in hand. It flashed on a news channel, that said,”Asha- a school for deaf and dumbs at 96, Dorothy Street, unexpectedly received the best gifts of their lives from Santa.” 
Seeing their happy faces thick drops of tears rolled down her face, for the first time her tears were out of compassion. Asha, realised the joy of receiving gifts without actually receiving one.

-Sanchari Banerjee

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