Adventure Drama POV

A Hero’s Battle

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“These blood-sucking monsters…” A woman mutters under her breath as I step into my new abode along with the man who brings me in. She looks up at him annoyed. But, when the man waves me in front of her, her face lights up with a grin. She snatches me from him and caresses me like I am the best gift ever given by him.

It can possibly be true. Given the way he was dawdling through the supermarket throwing random blank looks at the salespeople who tried to help him, one may very well assume how he goes about shopping for anything at all; buying charming gifts to impress others, especially his woman, is a risky territory he had better not venture. For his own good!

Anyway, I happen to be the lucky charm for the man today as his woman raves about her husband’s extraordinary presence of mind. Ahem! I let him bask in my glory. 

“Charge it up,” he says and she obeys.

My energy levels soar. I get ready for the battle. I see a halo on top of my head as I embark on my first noble task of saving the world from monsters. 

I hear Hallelujah in the background that goads me up. Energised and absolutely revitalised, memories of the valorous deeds of my ancestors flash past me. They have fought tooth and nail to keep the monsters away and I only aspire to live up to their expectations.

“Let’s check if it works fine,” says the woman, breaking my reverie.

She swishes me with the expertise of a cricket player and sweeps me through every nook and corner of the house. There is no sign of those monsters. I want to kill but my opponents are already scared of me. Muahahaha!


I dare not suspect the unthinkable!

“Did you buy a dud, dear husband?” hisses the woman menacingly.

“What? No!” The panicked man grabs me from her.

And, with one mighty flick like a magician, he does it. 


The cracking sound that they longed to hear offers music to their ears. A pleasure like none other courses through my coil as I sneer at the dead mosquito on the floor.

One monster down! I have made my ancestors pr…o…u…d…


“What’s wrong, Mister? Should we charge the mosquito bat for four hours to swat just one? Does this also count under your never-ending intelligent purchases so far?” I hear the woman grit her teeth as life slowly ebbs out of me…

“Charge it up again,” the man suggests meekly.

I get plugged in to increase my superpowers of electrocution. My energy levels rise a bit. After what seems like hours, the man dislodges me from the charging point and…

“The monster hums a tune and flies right through the bat. Excellent!” I hear the woman scoff at my incapability.

Even the halo over my head sticks its tongue out and vanishes…

Well…ummm…I did save the planet from one mosquito after all!


Author’s Note:

If you are a resident of a tropical region like India, then I am sure the monsters and the bat used for the battle are not new to you! If you are not, please look up mosquito bats on Amazon. These bats, when fully charged, literally electrocute mosquitoes! 😀

Image courtesy – Ulrike Mai from Pixabay


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