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A Missioned Friendship

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Tiara woke up to a bright, pleasant, spring day. The clock struck six and she smiled on her ability to be up before the alarm chimed. Organising her things in perfect order, she got ready for the scheduled meeting at the headquarters. A gentle charm exuded warmth to her elegant, cherubic face. She carefully adorned her ornate mask that veiled her doe-shaped eyes and luscious lips. A black leather suit covering her svelte body glistened against the rays of the morning star.

Working on a confidential undercover mission, Agent Tiara was introduced to Captain Thomas by an automated AI system. “Agent Tiara, meet Captain Thomas! Together, you will work on the next project.

“Captain Thomas, a package was sent by mail and received by you this morning. Request you to reveal and share the contents with Agent Tiara,” the system concluded.

Behind the tall, muscular, chiselled frame, his aura exuded a free-spirited, carefree nature of someone who lived life on a whim. His voice behind the metallic mask was laced with a tinge of sensuousness as he introduced himself, “Hell…ooo Agent Ti…aa..raa…! So pleased to meet you.” 

Thomas nodded curtly and eagerly moved closer to Tiara, ready to share the contents of this exclusive package containing a map, an old, rusty key and a letter in cryptic language. Agent Tiara felt apprehensive as she could not bring herself to trust the process. 

“Hold Captain, how can you be so confident that I am the right agent? Agents need to double check and be absolutely sure of their moves,” she said.

Captain Thomas responded calmly, “I work by my instincts, agent. I don’t miss any details, whatsoever.”

Tiara felt irked by Thomas’ lack of structure and attention to detail, while Thomas was hit by Tiara’s nit-picking criticism.

Tiara felt a sudden rush of repel and yet, they were chosen to work together on the upcoming mission. These agents were identified by spies from different corners of the world for their unique traits that could make them suitable agents. Thereafter, rigorous training of over a thousand hours on shooting, combating, defence, skills, weapon handling, fearlessness, endurance etc were offered before the agents were rendered ready for the umpteen challenges that they may encounter. 

The introductory meet wasn’t right, yet, the teamwork couldn’t be eschewed. Packing their bags, the duo set off on the assigned adventure, following the map to a remote location high up the mountains. When they arrived, they found a hidden door, which was unlocked using the rusty key. Stepping inside, they were transported to another world —an advanced civilisation filled with mystery, adventure, and excitement.

“We need to plan our moves carefully,” mentioned Tiara, exercising caution.

“Life loses its charm without risks. Let’s just do our best,” voiced Thomas.

The ‘Minyan Civilisation’ was unheard of, yet one of the most powerful egalitarian civilisations ever seen. The inhabitants communicated a universal language. Their leader, Lady Miamandra, an old, wise woman had specifically chosen Agent Tiara and Captain Thomas to lead their civilisation from the brink of extinction towards reform, revolution and upliftment. 

Miamandra summoned Tiara and Thomas, seeking the cryptic letter to confirm their authenticity. 

“Welcome to Minyan Civilisation. I am Miamandra, the leader of our ancient tribe. I’m glad that you have willed to risk your chances and come here. I seek your help in restoring the near extinction of our knowledgeable world. I was assured that you two can save it.”

Her voice was calm, yet laced with a sense of inhibition. Tiara could sense her discomfort and assured, “Gratitude! Lady Miamandra. Your faith gives us an assurance to offer our best and support you in this expedition.”

“We’ll strive to live up to your expectations, Lady Miamandra!” concluded Thomas, bowing low. 

“While I would like knowledge-sharing and wisdom transfer to be handled by Agent Tiara, the combat skills training and development of resources could be led by Captain Thomas. We are peace loving people and rather veiled from the outside world. However, we remain skilled and experienced in all arenas, just to remain the best. You’ll now be ushered into the private chambers to discuss and expedite further plans of action. Also, I assure you that while you both are here, which is most likely until the end of your time, unless you decide otherwise, your masks can come off,” informed Lady Miamandra. 

The guards led them to a private carpeted chamber with a high ceiling and sound-proof walls. They were exquisitely designed with elaborately carved walls and embellished ceiling lamps. 

In the silence of the secured chambers, Captain Thomas was the first to unveil his mask and reveal a perfectly sculpted visage that matched his muscular frame. After a brief hesitation, Tiara too, removed her mask to unveil her alluring features and captivating smile. 

A magical spell seemed to be cast upon the enclosed chambers. Sparks of hope filled the wide room and a gentle aroma of aspiration wafted through the hall. A powerful impulse arose to work upon a mission that led them to tie the loose ends that envisioned the future of an enchanting civilisation.

Tiara’s inner voice as a passionate poet expressed, 

“As strangers on this adventurous journey, we met,

A repel so strong, I took you as a threat,

Deeper as we embarked upon a stage that was set,

I couldn’t but realise how close we could get?”

Thomas knelt down, putting forward his hand to seal the bond of friendship in an expedition that had conspired them together. “I choose to call you Tiara, only… if you agree.”

Tiara gently smiled extending her hand in agreement as Thomas continued, “I also hereby promise together with you, to endeavour upon this mission and safeguard the wellbeing of this civilization while leading it to greater purpose and success.”

The Minyan Civilisation had dawned upon pristine hope like never before. The temple bells jingled at a far distance; swaying rhythmically to tunes of harmony, love and peace.


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