The courtroom was packed with people. 

Everyone had gathered to hear the final judgment in the high profile murder case that had been raging the newspapers for months. I tried to maintain my calm but my anxiety was difficult to contain. It had been challenging enough to make my way to the courtroom through the crowd of reporters outside.

The lawyers were rummaging through the pile of papers in case of any last minute requirements, though all the evidence had been submitted during the long hearings that had happened in the last few days.

The clock struck twelve and the honorable judge took his seat. 

“With reference to all the evidence submitted, all the facts presented and the statements made by witnesses, the court has found Mr. Sidharth guilty of the crime. He is hereby sentenced to ten-year rigorous imprisonment on account of murder of Ms. Ekta Saini in the act of reckless driving under the influence of alcohol.”

The words of the judge hit me as if I had been crushed under the weight of the building near which this accident took place. 

How was I supposed to spend ten years in prison? The graduation celebration had robbed me of my entire life. I couldn’t stop wailing in pain and disbelief.


As the judge pronounced the verdict, a sense of dizziness overpowered me and soon darkness predominated my eyes. All my money and status whirled in front of me as I fell on the ground.


What use was this wealth and power if I couldn’t even protect my only son from the consequences of his misdeeds?  


Having left no stone unturned, I had even offered unimaginable sum of money to the girl’s mother, but she had outrightly refused. It was just an accident but she was totally unforgiving of my son’s actions.


I heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing the judgment. 

My daughter Ekta who was the reason for my living, was returning from office when the rich snobbish boy mercilessly crushed her under the wheel. I couldn’t come to terms with the loss of her death for weeks and especially the mystery of her presence in that area on that day. But just when I’d accepted it as destiny, his wealthy father tried to price my little girl’s life. I had only been praying for justice since that day. And finally, justice has been delivered. 


Veiled under a burqa for last two hours, I finally smiled upon hearing the verdict. 

I had been dating Ekta for almost a year. She was a charming and pleasing girl. She knew how to make a man happy in bed. But I’d never expected her to threaten to expose me in front of my wife. 

I just pushed her on the road when I saw a speeding car approaching us. The rich brat nervously took the blame and was now being punished for my crime.

Lady Justice is truly blind!


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