‘Saar, are you listening? At least let me make one phone call before I forget her number.’ I pleaded.

‘Bhupp,’ I heard the sound and I knew it was not an affirmative sound. There was a zero-watt red bulb hanging like my future. It wasn’t like the one I have seen in the movies. Jail was the last place I wanted to be and that too without committing any legit crime. I could see my plan right in front of my eyes draining out in the jail’s commode.

Only 20 minutes were left, and I didn’t want to witness it so I closed my eyes so that I could sleep before the time.

3 Hours ago…

A train journey without a phone is very boring but not when you share the compartment with a beautiful girl. Her name was Ahaana. Yes, she told me, not only her name but also a lot about her and I told her about my visit to Goa and my plan about the solo trip, no phones, and theory behind celebrating birthday alone.

This was the first time I was trying this unique way of birthday celebration. All I wanted was to have a beer on a beach, cut a small cake on the eve of my birthday to celebrate the reality of life. I was all excited about the concept and couldn’t wait to tell people about it later. I know it’s ironic.

The train arrived at the Station. She asked me to join for the celebrations and I was up for ‘Tamasha’ movie. What happens in Goa stays in Goa..

I arranged the Scooty on rent and she arranged the booze. We hit the road straight to the beach.

Four beers down and I could totally see my plan working out. She was tinkling like a star in white. She started towards the sea and I stayed there on the beach smiling at her. One moment she was there and another I couldn’t see her. I waited for 15 minutes but then she didn’t come back. I couldn’t spot my star.

I checked my purse, my 700 Rs were still there, the cute criminal possibility was crossed, which left me with the other possibility of her drowning. 

I panicked and went to Police Station and I knew it would be tough because of obvious reasons.

‘So you are saying that you met this girl in a train for the first time. You both came to the beach together to celebrate your birthday in the most idiot way possible. You both drank four beers and she suddenly went to the sea and now you are assuming she has drowned?’

‘Yes sir.’

‘Do I look like an idiot? Thambe, put this boy in the cell. Let him celebrate his birthday. Leave him in the morning when the beer turns into water’

My sleep broke with the sliding plate sound

It was rice and vegetables. The clock struck 12. I cut the rice cake.

Happy Birthday.


Photo from: Pixabay

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Sandeep Jumrani
Hailing from Agra, Sandeep is a business developer by choice and a storyteller by passion. He believes that writing stories allows one to build their own fictional world. According to him, we all are playing characters and different roles in people’s life stories.


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