I was sleeping peacefully snuggled under my warm comforter when the continuous beeps from my cell phone made me woke up with a startle. After regaining my consciousness, I grabbed my phone.

I gaped at the screen in awe and astonishment. How could this be possible? I had never crossed the 500 mark till date, so the number on display in front of me seemed surreal. It was hard to believe that a video which had been posted just a few hours ago, had been viewed and shared by thousands of people.

I looked around and the clock struck twelve. There could not have been a better present for her eightieth birthday.


It all had started a month ago on my grandfather’s fifth death anniversary. A prayer was held at home in his memory. As soon as the ritual was over, Nani wanted to visit her favourite park.

It was the same park which she used to visit with my grandfather before he passed away five years ago. This park had been a witness of their love when he proposed to her six decades ago here. Visiting this park on his death anniversary had become a ritual for her.

We sat silently on a bench and enjoyed the cool and fragrant breeze. I could sense that something was disturbing her. I held her hand and asked her,” Are you alright, Nani?” She looked at me and said,” I have lived a happy life but I have a regret. I regret to have never worked and earned a single penny in my life. Your grandfather was always considerate enough of my needs but now I feel deprived of the happiness and confidence that one feels on earning money.”

I sat there feeling amazed and unable to reciprocate. Before I could utter a word, she said,” I know how much my ‘Besan Barfi’ is loved by all. Can you help me to advertise and sell it?”

I agreed happily and hugged her smiling from ear to ear. In just a couple of days, an extra room in the house was converted into Nani’s kitchen. With the help of a friend, I decided to shoot a video of her while she cooked her delicious delicacy.

Her happiness knew no bounds and a feeling of satisfaction was clearly visible on her face. She happily named her venture as ‘Grandmother’s delicacies: It will make you remember your childhood’.  I posted the video on my social media accounts. It had been a hectic and a tiresome day. I dozed off within minutes on my cosy bed.


My excitement got hold of me and I jumped out of my bed to ran towards her room.

She was already awake and I shared the news of her video going viral.

My inbox was filled with the orders for ‘Besan Barfi’.

Wiping away her tears, she braced herself for a long day ahead.

She was all set to embark upon her entrepreneurial journey.


Besan Barfi – An Indian sweet made from gram flour.

Nani – Maternal Grandmother


Photo From: Unsplash

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