Bapu Comes Back

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Why  do you insist being born again? People have forgotten you” Dharmaraj insisted.

“ That’s why ! I want to remind them of our legacy . “

“  No, Mohan Das they don’t need you. Stop thinking about your country . Your role is over.”

Nostalgia  had overpowered Mohan Dass alias Mahatma Gandhi. He was missing his motherland badly and requesting Dharamraj for rebirth .

Dharamraj didn’t want him to make sacrifices once again .

There were  some ungrateful people enjoying the bliss of independence, yet condemning him day and night.

Exasperated by his constant pleadings, Dharamraj made him an offer.

“ Rebirth is not within my jurisdiction,I can allow you to visit your country for  one day.”

‘ Be careful  this news shouldn’t  reach other inmates,”

So Mahatama Gandhi alighted from heaven on 15th August 2022 .

He was sure he knew Delhi as the back of his hand and would reach Red Fort in no time.

“ What place is this ? “ bewildered at high rising buildings he forgot  his way.

He was elated to see tricolour hoisted at every building.

Mellifluous music of ‘Vande Matram ‘ was wafting in the air.

Pleased with the patriotic fervour he tried to move but was caught unawares .in the traffic jam.

A speeding car swished past him.

“ Look at this old man? “ a few people laughed. “ He is wearing no shirt in the august heat,”

“ Must be an actor, how exactly like Gandhi he appears.”

“ Who follows Gandhian principles now! Still they enact plays to remember his hackneyed ideals of Peace ,Justice  and Equality.”reiterated another.

“ Just misleading younger generation.” Third one chimed in.

“ What !” Gandhi stood agape .Utterly mortified he decided to return there and then .


Homecoming 2022


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