• The Last Wishes

    From behind that window,all what had ever caught my fancy was giving me heebie-jeebies. The police was pushing everyone indoors to strange houses. The commandoes...3 min

  • The Stranger

    With each tap of his shoes approaching my door, my heart thumped faster. I scampered under the cot in an attempt to hide from him...3 min

  • Sannata

    “Lakshmi madam, dekhiye chaaro orr sannata hi sannata hai.” Scared and tense I looked around. There was an eerie silence with shutters down and not...3 min

  • One Night Stand Off

    It was a hectic day, I reminisced as I walked down the narrow, deserted lane. Tired, I dragged myself to the main road; connecting the...3 min

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