“The recent war between the two popular countries came to an end and there were survivors from that tragedy who were warmly welcomed to our place. Mr Advik said that he’ll visit them in person today…”

The news went on and she poured the red wine in two cups. She smiled as she corrected her black dress and walked on her red heels towards the door to welcome her ex-husband in.

They were a great couple, who stood as an icon to the youths but soon they felt far from each other and they gradually understood that it didn’t work out, so decided to put an end to this fake relationship.

Then, he came to her house in order to sign off the papers. She gave him those drinks, it was the last drink that she gave him and it was the last drink he would drink.

She tucked her hair behind her ears, gave him a fake smile with her scarlet lips and waved at him as he took off.

Some days later… when she heard the news saying about him, she cut it off. A few minutes later she had a guest, Mr Ajumal. He gave her some files and said,

“I think it’s time for your turn, Mrs…. sorry, Ms Elijah”

“Ah! Do you think people are on my side?”

“Of course! We know you could do it and you would make a huge difference for this world. It’ll be good if it’s in good hands”

Ajumal kept his hands on her as she gave a weak smile to him. When she was about to say something, his phone rang. He looked concerned and then she just nodded and he went.


She read the news which said “?Lockdown?” and sighed. This was the last day she could go out. She went out to give a speech for her stand in the election and

gave a great speech. Her long black hair was as shiny as ever as like the people never knew that she was the most venomous thing in the world than anything.


The white coat of hers was hung up on the stand, she came in and took it as she left out at a speed with her white sneakers. She entered a room as she said,

“Good to have everyone here. I’m Dr Waseem. So, everyone knows about Shauna’s case, I suppose. She just had the same symptoms as most of the people now come to us, like having light fever, feeling drowsy, slow in everything even in response, dry throat almost every time yet looks normal as usual. But passes out within 72 hours. It travels like any other virus. We need to dig into this thing and only after two and a half weeks, we found this. There are many to be saved. We need to hurry. Find the cure to this-”

They were interfered by a young lady who said facing to Dr Waseem, “We got the result. Your suspicion is right, ?it’s a created one.?”

Dr Waseem’s eyes were lit up in the fire, she closed her eyes and sighed as she opened her bright brown eyes with braveness.

They were divided into two groups, one group was told to find the cure for this N.O.V.D (Nona Virus Disease) whereas the other to get connected with Detective Arham and the left ones are told to look after the people. They had also spoken with the Government and media about the lockdown to keep the people safe and sound. They knew that one who creates would have the cure so they focused on getting the culprit first.

Everything happened so fast. As the clocks said “Tick-tock”, the people’s heart who stayed in their place pounded as “Lub- Dub”, they don’t know when their door of life would get a “Knock-knock” from their well-known friend who was the death.

The streets were so silent. So secluded each and every place which wasn’t once.


During the lockdown time, Arham got every information from the doctors. It was all started with a small boy but when he researched it was like the dead-end. So,

he took the list of the people who had been attacked and checked out each and every person but he didn’t get anything.

So he thought of taking notes on the people who faced some worse things recently. Many did but what made him more interested was Mr Advik because he was the only one who was famous among all who got attacked, recently he also met up with his ex-wife which must have been hard for him. As he knew about his friend, how much he loved her yet did misuse her name in the public for his votes.

Now he got a clue, followed it and got revealed to Elijah’s secret when he interrogated with Ajumal, at first he didn’t dare to say anything as his life was in his hands, by not telling anything, what he heard when he came back into her house to get back those files and he saw her conversing to someone whom she called as her own great scientist, Amell.

When Amell said in a horrific tone that the precious thing which he made was stolen, she hushed him and said,

“I took it. I felt like it was the right time to give him. He deserves it and so does the people but it wouldn’t have happened if they just believed me that it wasn’t me who harmed them but Advik every time, he used me yet I was so foolish then. Now I opened my eyes… Think about it, when he meets with the survivors who just escaped from war and then dies. It’ll lead them to those survivors only, not us. We’re safe and sound, my friend. Don’t worry about it”

Amell just sighed and smiled.

But somehow later, she found and warned Ajumal.

Finally, Arham got the felon and vaccine too.


Editor – Akshitha Varshaa

Photo By:Bill Oxford

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