Oh God! I can’t do this. I need to get out. It’s been five days. I miss my friends. How long do I have to be cooped up at home? It’s the same old, same old every day. Where’s my guitar? I need to play or I’ll go mad.


Why does mom keep insisting I study? I did, didn’t I? Now, if the exams got postponed, it’s not my fault. If only they were over, she would atleast, shut up about studies. She seriously needs to lighten up man. I hate her, always haranguing me.


Gosh! It’s not the same as meeting, but it felt good to talk to the guys. Now I feel I can tackle the day. Looks like in this time of Corona virus pandemic there are few moments of happiness. Bloody Chinese! They have destroyed my life.

No more Chinese food…

Umm! For at least one year.


Damn it! I want to scream at mom. Why does she drone on and on about chores?

I DON’T want to do any chores. Can’t she leave me alone?

Always talking, asking, preaching, ‘What are you doing? Why can’t you help me a little?’

Well mom, at the moment I’m trying to not do anything. And I can’t help you, because I don’t want to. Happy?


Can you believe it? That midget called me today. ‘Akash bhaiya can you help us?’ Well, if you are fucking bored that’s not my problem dude. And my talent is not for free. That’s for sure!


Hmm…you know what? She ain’t so bad. She loves me. I know that. I want to help her but I also want to be happy.

I miss going out. Miss being with my friends, binging at small eateries and just chillaxing. They are my life. Aww, man! The hours we spent jamming at the local cafes and gorging on complimentary food. Ah! Those were the days. And now I’m hangry!


Bloody bastards! Look at that. While we are in lockdown, the damn Chinese, those fucking perpetrators, are happily rebuilding. I wish I were a dragon; I would just fucking burn them to ground.


Haven’t met Priya for so many days. Video calls don’t do justice. I can’t lean in and inhale her fragrance or touch her arm casually. I wonder what she is doing? Is she thinking about me? She better not be thinking about that dumbass Pratap.


Now that, all of us have downloaded Houseparty, finally, things are looking up. We can be online together. Awesome! I am so happy. Even mom commented I look happy. Why won’t I be, when I’m with my bros?

But the other night, she had to come in and spoil the fun. ‘It’s late, time to pack up and sleep. You are making too much noise, the guitar and singing has to stop. The whole society is sleeping, someone will complain.’

Damn it! All the bloody oldies…Screw’em man!

It’s been two weeks, and I haven’t met my gang. I wish this bloody lockdown would end already.


What am I doing? Why am I so angry? Mom is only trying to help me. I am a jerk, no, I’m worse than a jerk.

Mom, I love you. I hope you know that.

But sometimes you can be so…Arrgh!

No! I am not going to use a bad word for her.


Aditi seems to be enjoying helping those midgets. I don’t know how she can spend time with those twelve and thirteen-year-olds. They are so…midget-y. AND she is helping them with exercise and health tips. LOL. I am better than her at it. Maybe, I should help them.


All they want is for me to play the guitar and sing songs, twice or thrice a week, not even every day.


Dang! I am a good person.

I’m just caught in this hopeless situation. Yeah, so are all but they are not me. I need to get out, is all. I just can’t look at these walls anymore.

What if I sneak out at night? Hmm…

Maybe I can convince the others to sneak out too and MIRL? That’d awesome.

We will maintain six feet distance. Duh! We will even keep our voices down. Yes! Even me, the loud-mouthed Akash.


It’s been nice playing with the midgets. They are not so bad after all. A couple of them can sing pretty well.

Ok, ok… I am happy I decided to help them.

It feels good to be useful and needed. No! Not for chores, only for playing the guitar. Good thing, mom is not a mind reader. And anyway, only a couple of days before the lockdown is lifted.


Bloody hell!

No! Please no. Don’t extend the lockdown. I’ll go mental.


It’s been a week since the renewed lockdown. And still a couple of weeks, more to go.


Again, same old, same old.

Where is my guitar? I need to play or I will go mad. Well, maybe not exactly. Playing for midgets is fun. Facetime with friends is helping. Hell! I am even learning to enjoy the afternoon naps and a few hours of TV binging.

What else can I do? Play a prank on Aditi?


Mom and I have finally reached an agreement. Once the exam schedule is announced, I will get back to my studies. I had prepared well. I am confident. I just need to revise when the time comes. For now, we are cooking together and you know what, I am a better chef than her. Hah! This ain’t so bad.


This too shall pass. Yeah! I believe that. I just need to ride it out.

I am strong, though a little high strung. Yes, little. But I can unwind. I can enjoy the slow life. And what a story it would be to recount. When will we get an opportunity like this again? Bloody hell! Hopefully… NEVER.


Author’s Note: The story is dedicated to the teenagers of 12th standard, who are caught in this terrifying situation and are doing their best to cope with it. The idea to write the story, in this form, came to the author when she was talking to one of them about this pandemic.


Bhaiya – Brother (here – a way of addressing an older boy)

LOL – Laugh Out Loud

MIRL – Meet In Real Life.

Hangry – Hungry + Angry


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