The moonlit night gradually bid goodbye, and the world once again bathed in the beauty of the early morning sun— a symphony signalling the beginning of a fresh day.  

The sunbeams kissed and bestowed a gentle warmth upon Mother Earth. Each blade of grass, adorned with dewdrops, glistened. The chirping of birds especially, the cooing of doves and the lively chatter of parrots filled the air.

The vibrant purple orchids and yellow roses swayed happily on the spacious balcony.

Vansh hit the snooze button on the alarm clock yet again and tugged at his quilt, reluctant to part ways with the comforting embrace of his bed.

“Vansh, wake up. It’s already 6:00 a.m. You can’t afford to be late for school,” his mother, Shanti, yelled from the kitchen.

“Maa, I will be up in five minutes,” Vansh responded.

Upon hearing this, Shanti became enraged and sprinted to his room. She turned off the fan, pulled the quilt he had wrapped himself in, and exclaimed, “Right now!”  

Vansh quickly got out of bed. Within minutes, he took a shower and got ready.

Rushing to the kitchen, he swiftly pulled out a wooden chair, sat down, and started devouring his breakfast with his right hand while sipping hot tea with his left.

Vansh, how many times do I have to tell you to either use a different chair or pull this one more slowly? The noise gets on my nerves. Every morning, you wake up late and then rush through your routine as if it’s a ritual. Additionally, eating meals so fast is not good for your health.” Shanti exclaimed as she packed his lunch box.

“Yes, I’m aware, Maa, But….” Vansh said, standing on the kitchen threshold. However, he left his sentence unfinished, the unspoken words lingering.

“But, what?” Shanti asked.

“I don’t feel like going to school anymore as most teachers and students dislike me. It’s like I am fighting a battle every day. They speak ill of me and are tarnishing my image. I am doing my best, but none of them are happy. 

Today, I need a solid reason from you as to why I should go and endure all this.” Vansh said, tears swimming in his eyes.

His mother, a woman of few words, turned towards him and said, “Vansh, my dear, not everyone will comprehend or appreciate your actions. That’s okay. Such people exist everywhere. Make sure you persist in giving your best; the results will follow. It’s time for you to head to school. 

Remember, you are the principal of your school, where you studied and grew up. Isn’t that reason enough for you to claim your seat before your staff and students arrive? I have planned something special for dinner. See you in the evening. Wishing you a wonderful day ahead.” Shanti said with a smile before closing the door behind her.

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