Adult Fiction Five0019 Pull The Rug 2

Escapades in Room No.19

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They entered room no.19 together. It took them much self-control to keep their hands off each other.

Once inside Sahana took off the red, satin scarf which had succeeded in concealing her head and face. Vivek took over from there. He took off her white silky top which barely concealed the curves on her taut body. He kissed her hungrily, almost to the point of getting breathless. 

Aaaah‘ a delightful moan escaped from her red, parted lips. She bit her lower lip to contain the sensation that ran through the entire length and breadth of her body. Passing her long, slender fingers through his coarse hair she pulled his face closer to hers. Vivek’s tongue traced and trailed every crest and trough of her body. His mouth lingered around her luscious lips. Flicking his tongue in, he devoured the sweet nectar relishing every drop of it.

With their lips locked and their arms wrapped firmly around each other, Vivek dragged her to bed and roughly pushed her onto it.

Taking off his shirt he pounced on her hot, pulsating body like a hungry tiger, pouncing on its prey. He nibbled at her soft, white shoulders, not stopping till it left a red stain. Encouraged by her wild moaning, he slid past her shoulders and traced his fingers over her entire body as she squealed in delight.

It was Sahana’s turn now to return the favor. She took the position which made him scream in ecstasy. Tugging off at his belt and trousers, she threw them on the floor.

Her body bounced playfully over him as he let out a loud moan. 

Room no.19 reverberated with their loud cries of ecstasy. Their bodies entwined as they slowly melted into the paradise of ecstasy. These were the moments of passion they stealthily stole from the prying outside world.

Once done, they lay beside each other spent. Within minutes, they were dressed and good to go. Thrusting a few crisp notes into Sahana’s sweaty palms, Vivek muttered. ” Next month, same date, time, and place

Wrapping her scarf around her head and face, Sahana walked out of the room first, followed by Vivek. Once outside, both headed out in different directions, not once, looking back at each other.

Room no.19 of Suraj Lodge provided Vivek a haven for the pleasures he sought but could not derive from his wife, and it provided Sahana, a college student, her much-needed pocket money to splurge on expensive clothes and accessories.

Satisfied, I pressed the publish button.

” Make it short and sweet yet sensual. We cater to women readers. Keep that in mind. If it sells, your income will swell.” the publisher had jeered.

The soft pulp fiction I wrote under the pseudonym Saroj. It ensured a steady flow of income for my family.

Just like my characters, only in room no.19 my true identity is revealed, to the outside world I was a proofreader.



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