Game over?


“These disgusting words werent in the script that was sent to me!” Devi’s face turned crimson when she heard the dialogue delivered by Pandiyan. He played the role of an antagonist in the movie. 


She noticed Pandiyan turning towards Damodaran, the producer of the movie, whose broad form filled a three-seater couch. Damodaran was a prominent member of the ruling party in the state. He peered at Devi as if he would devour her with his eyes. He didn’t miss any chance to make his intentions obvious. Devi’s role, costume and schedules were changed according to his preferences ever since she signed for the role.


Devi got the opportunity to play the lead actress in that movie after acting in many short films. Though she was popular as a YouTuber, the movie was important for Devi to start a career in the silver screen.


Pandiyan tried to repeat the dialogue. This time, without a moment’s hesitation, Devi slapped him shut. The astonished antagonist said, Ma’am, it’s just a dialogue.”

“It is not who fired the shot but who paid for the bullet that matters.”

“Ma’am we aren’t using any weapons in this scene!” The nincompoop replied, rubbing his cheeks.


Devi walked out, in spite of the fact that it would mean the end of her career in movies which had barely commenced.


Arrogant Devi slapped co-artist and was thrown out of a big budget movie! screamed the media. Social media added its own flavours to the news. 


In response, Devi posted a video on her YouTube channel stating that she had every right to choose to be in a profession. She made a statement that it was she who walked out of the movie, and Damodaran was the reason behind it. Devi also claimed that she had enough evidence against him, which she planned to release in a following video. 


That evening, Damodaran visited Devi’s residence with a battalion of cops. He threatened her with arrest, and asked her to delete the video and handover all the evidences to him. Devi refused and she was taken into custody with made-up allegations.


Devi was imprisoned and was shifted to multiple locations before she was presented in front of the magistrate. Heated arguments for and against Devi kept the news channels busy. 




“Do you accept that personal vengeance was the reason behind your allegation against Mr. Damodaran?” Asked the magistrate. 


“I posted the video as there was propaganda against me. Whatever statements I made in it were true.”


“If that is the case, why have you not handed over any evidence to the cops?” The magistrate interrogated.


Devi replied firmly, “I didn’t because I was threatened at gunpoint to delete the video by those who arrested me!”


Before he framed his next question, the courtroom was interrupted by a loud YouTube notification. A new video had appeared on Devi’s channel.


Devi had already scheduled the release of her video with the evidence against Damodaran in anticipation of the arrest. 


Game over.


Pic Credit: Niu Niu, Unsplash.com


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real life incidents is coincidental.


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