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I was going to school, there I saw her right in front of my house. She had shining golden hair, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She caught me by my sight on her. I was stunned by her cat eyes. My heart skipped when she glared at me. 

Her glare was as if she owned my house. Normally girls like her would get frightened by my approach, but she wasn’t. 

I wish I could talk to her but I knew that she will not understand anything. So, I ignored her and went to school.

Thoughts were filled with full of her images and how I could get closer to her. Woah! This is the end of me. I was a human who never believed in love at first sight and nevertheless, I didn’t believe in love at all. But here I am going crazy over her and I knew, I feel some bright feelings inside me which I bet that it is…“LOVE”. 

How stupid I am! But I love these stupid feelings. 

When I returned home, I saw her there. She was looking for something. I thought maybe I could have a chance. But then again my guts turned me down. So, I turned towards my home but she stopped me with her so called pleading eyes. DAMN! She attacked me. 

I helped her. She was in need of a home until it was the time to be left. We gave her a place and she was pleased with it. 

She was the sweetest person. 

Within days, we became friends. 

Once she gave me a smile during dinner time, that smile was something which meddled with my thoughts so much. I knew for sure that, particularly that smile meant something. Something more than friends, maybe I reached a closer relationship. 

Her activities and her way of doing with me alone were so different from any others. I felt something too strong in my heart. That is it. It was time, I thought and so I went in search of her. 

I made myself bold enough and was ready to see her after school. But to my surprise, she wasn’t there anymore. She left us. 

She left me. All alone. 

I was in gloom only with her memories in my mind. Her bright smile, hair and those dazzling eyes never went out of my thoughts. I could never be left alone from her thoughts. 

It was like hell and heaven. 

As the clock struck twelve every night and a day without waiting for anyone, I would be there waiting for her every night and day in hope of her return. 

But she never did. It hurts.

Now, when I think of her, there’s only me who fell in love for the very first time with a cat which only cared for its food and left me in search of another home for food. 

Silly me who thought we could be more like sisters than just being friends.




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