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On one day, suddenly a bus engine was collapsed which was on its way on a highway road and the passengers who were riding in it got out and refreshed themselves. And after a few hours, the bus was repaired and the passengers returned to the bus once again. The bus rode off to the desired location. But not everyone was inside the bus. There were two more persons who didn’t catch up the bus in time. They were left behind when the bus was repaired and gone. They two don’t know each other, truly very new. So, they let them know about each other ‘cos as they have to travel together to their destination which is a city named ‘Nowhere’.

They two looks so awesome. He is handsome as she is lovely. He has dark brown hair as she has black hair. He has light brown eyes as she has dark brown eyes. He has almost pink lips as she has dark purple lips.

It was only a five miles away, the city. So, they just caught up some vehicles on the way and if there was no vehicle they just walked and they walked with a good, brisk pace which made them reach their destination within 10 hours.

When their way was parting away. He asked her with a smirk on his face,

“I could leave you at your home”

She smiled and said,

“No, thanks. It’ll be late for you too. Catch with you later”

Then they walked off their own paths.

Somehow coincidently they just keep on meeting. Slowly they started to hang out together and chat the way all around when each other sees. They became close friends. They shared each and everything but not about their backgrounds, like work or family. If any question similar to that pops out they just dump it and pick up another topic.

Some days later, he invited her to his place. She did go. And finished her lunch over there and returned to her home at evening.

The most embarrassing thing for him was that, while she was in his home and was watching his photo collections on the wall in the hall, he called her to turn around to get the juice which he was holding for her. She turned around, but oh! dear, he tripped on his way which made him fell over her and the juice was spilt over the other side. But they didn’t fell over the ground rather they stood close to each other like an inch was a distance between them over the wall. After a few seconds, she pushed him off and talked normally like it was nothing. But it mattered to him more.

He fell in love with her. It was that situation which made him clear that he was really in love with her. Before he was so damn confused ‘cos his heart was thumping faster than ever whenever he saw her, but now with this situation gave him a conclusion that he is in love with her, its ‘cos that in that situation he was so damn close to her yet he wanted her to like him too before doing anything wrong that he’ll regret later.

Days passed, She and he couldn’t meet up like those same days. He was becoming so sad. She didn’t even bother about it.

And then some weeks later, in the city arose a fight between two big thug groups. First group’s name is Vep. Second group’s name is Xzo. Vep gang was after him who becomes to be the son of the two Xzo.

So on one night, his secretariat helped him to move out and when he spotted some familiar thing while he was about to cross a street, he just stopped at looked to his left.

Straight to him was his secretariat calling him over to his side. Right over to him was a road which leads to the ocean. Backwards there was a way which will lead him to his home which was on fire. And to his left, there stood a stranger with a gun on right hand.

But to him, it was no stranger neither an unknown passerby. It was she. He knew it though she covered her face with a black cloth with eyes only left to be seen. He recognised her by her eyes. He stood there by a sudden shock.

She looked so fury along with that flames which were behind her, caused by her team on a car and as well as her hair, the ponytail was flowing in the wind.

She shot one of his men and then, their eyes met. He shivered and then gone with his secretariat. She knew that he knew it was her.

After that situation one of her team members said,  “Take a look at your mobile, the boss has sent a picture of someone who must die ‘cos he was the real reason for this fight to start over”

She took a look at her mobile and was shocked to see his photo. The one who said about it, said after seeing the picture, actually was gonna say about their meetings but she didn’t allow him so. She shot him.

She said to her other team members that,

“It was to be like this. I’ll clear up this mess”

They all nodded and left in search of their enemies if any left so.

She just sat on a platform nearby. One of her teammates came to her and asked,

“May I ask you a question?, If only you’re okay with it”

“Ask over”

“Are you in love with him”

She looked at him with one of her eyebrows uplifted.

“Never was and no, I’ll never”

He smiled and said,

“Good. You know that there is no room left in our group for love”

She scoffed and said,

“Of course, I know”

He said as he patted her head,

“It’s just that boss takes care of you as his own daughter”

She denied it as she harshly stopped him from patting her head and corrected him,

“Not daughter but as his thing, a weapon thing”

She also added that,

“You know what… this game we play now. I mean the fight. There is no end to it. There is no winner neither a loser. We just keep on fighting. We fight and fight and fight and…”

He asked eagerly,

“And, what?”

She stared at him and said,

“Fight… while we’re fighting for our own needs some show up and say to do to this in return of our needs to be given”

He frowned and said,

“So, you say that our boss can’t win. But we’re almost gonna win”

She stared at him and whispered in his ears,

“Of course we were, but you failed us”

He was surprised,

“What? Me?”

She smiled and said,

“Yes, you. You let us down by giving our information to them. We’ll never forgive you”

He looked as he was a little bit frightened and asked,

“But how do you know”

She smirked and said,

“Did you forget that boss had secretly inserted a chip on everyone who does work under him?”

He was now for surely totally frightened,

“Wait! What?!”

She said in a serious voice,

“You gotta believe me. I knew it ‘cos you know he cares about me that much as I’m his daughter”

He was so damn terrified and at the very next minute, she shot him on the head.

She returned to her boss and said,

“Mission 0 accomplished, Sir”

“Gud. Very gud to hear. Did you add those stories about chips I told yah to him?”

“Yes, I did”

“Now come over here”

He was watching over the night view of the city. He held her hands and said,

“If you don’t wanna your sister being sold away, don’t hesitate just kill him already, the one I sent the picture to you”

“I’ll surely”

“Come along with a positive answer”


She went out and rested at her home the night.

The next day she entered with a duplicate identification into his company as she was to take an interview. She entered his room and then the next moment she used her silent sniper and shot him on his head and returned to her boss.

When she entered her boss room and said,

“Mission 1 has accomplished, Sir”

He suddenly stopped her when he got a new message from unknown as ‘Check out the Live news’. He switched on the television and checked.

They both were shocked to see this Live news, ‘cos it was him, he was giving a speech over the increment on his business. She pleaded her boss to not to do anything to her sister. He said that he’ll give her three days within that she needs to finish him off. She agreed.

Meanwhile, he was protected by his father’s powers. He doesn’t know until now when his father said why he didn’t leave him to his office rather his secretariat with a makeup like as it was him. His father said to him to do a job as he was good and well versed at fightings. His father gave a picture and it was the picture of her’s. His father said to take her out of her life. He was shocked to hear this.

That night, when she was in her home. She sat nearby her window and saw the night sky as she thought, “I’ll surely kill you. I won’t leave you. You’re in my way of rescuing of my sister, how dare you?! I’ll kill you, wait and watch it. I’ll save my sister”

Meanwhile that same night, he was looking over his glass window and watching at the same night sky as he thought, “How could I kill you? I’ll never be able to do that such a thing which will badly hurt me as well as you too”.

From the next day, she started to follow him and notice his every movement. Continuously for about two days she followed and found the regular places he’s visiting. The morning he’ll attend a meeting in his office, then he’ll do some works in his office, then on the afternoon after lunch he’ll be off from his office to his resort and rest there or sometimes have fun with his friends or family. Then in the evening, he’ll be in his home. At night he’ll get up and just roam the city but sometimes just not only roaming as well as killing his enemies secretly or even sometimes he’ll be invited to a party. This was his schedule. Also, she heard that he’ll be visiting a party on Thursday.

Today is Tuesday and day after Wednesday is Thursday which happens to be a very important day for her. The last day for him.

At last, it was the day to rescue her sister and finish off this damn mission and leave from this city for good, she thought. It was Thursday.

On that day evening, she prepared herself.

By wearing an elegant party dress which was a heavenly hues black maxi dress with a luscious black velvet ankle-strap pumps. She left her hair as a curly down-do hairstyle and colored her hair slightly with light brown. It was mixed with black and light brown too, her hair. Her lips were in a wine red color. She used a grey color lens.

She went to the party. She saw him there wearing a formal dress in a black and white color. He was looking so gorgeous. She silently went and sat in a chair nearby cocktail counter. He didn’t notice her. After a few minutes, he sat next to her, coincidently. She started to have a small normal conversation with him. They chatted for some minutes and then when she asked him in a nice tone to visit her place, he denied. She sighed and then after a few seconds she said,

“But there’s nothing to dance with me, right?”

He smiled at her and said,

“No, there’s nothing wrong. And uh… I’m sorry if I was harsh on you”

She smirked at him as she said,

“Nah, that’s okay”

He bit his lower lips as he looked down and then said to her,

“Actually, I’m loving someone. So, that’s why I denied”

She was surprised to hear.

“Oh! A love story. Then I’m all ears”

He laughed and said,

“I fell in love with her at the first sight. I didn’t even know that I was loving her. But a situation cleared me up that I was surely in love with her”

She eagerly asked,

“And what was that situation?”

He smiled and said,

“It was a complicated situation at my place. But she looked as it was nothing to her”

“Oh! Boy”, she was amazed.

“Yeah”, he said in a low tone.

She took one of his hand and grabbed him over the hall and then they danced gracefully.

Suddenly there was a gunshot. Everyone was in a hurry to leave the party as it was dangerous. He held her hands and told her to follow him as he knows a quick way to escape.

They entered a room which was on the first floor. She asked him why does he help her so much. He said that she looked as it was like the girl who he is searching for to let her know that he won’t kill her rather he would live with her.

Now she understood, whom he was referring to. It was her only.

She kinda lost herself a moment but came again to reality when she heard from him that these guys who shotguns were looking for that girl to be killed as he was late to finish the mission. She asked how did they know that the girl was here. He said,

“It’s my father. He knows everything ‘cos he kept some people who work for him under them. So, we receive those information. And I don’t know why I’m saying these things to you… but I feel so eased and comfortable with you as well as my heart says to share everything with you”

She looked disappointed and asked him,

“Say, is there any rules given to you like not to love anyone or specifically”

He smiled and said,

“Yes, there is”

She laughed and then smiled at him.

She got up and walked towards the balcony. She felt the fresh air. And turned over and walked a few steps as she said to him who was standing in the balcony,

“It’s time to finish”

She took a thin rope which was nearby. And fastly ran towards him and using her left hand, she left the rope to come towards to her right by covering his neck. But he was already known about it. He kept a knife near to his throat, when she used the rope, he cut it off. He turned towards her and said with a smiling face as she took a gun from her thigh,

“I knew it”

She furiously said to him,

“If you knew then why stay without doing anything”

He just stared at her.

She slowly neared him and said,

“If I’m that girl who you mentioned before, what will yah do now?”

He avoided her eyes and then said facing her eyes again,

“I’ll say that I love her”

She scoffed and then said,

“I’m sorry”

He was confused,


She just kept the gun on his head after removing her lenses and said,

“I’m sorry, I can’t return your feelings”

He gasped as he noticed her eyes and found that it was really her. He didn’t tried to do anything but stood still like a statue.

She shot him two times on his chest. It went right through him. He spilt some blood out and knelt down before her. He again lift up his head and saw her.

She gave no reaction. She just shot him again, this time on his head. He just smiled and accepted her words and actions as he was shot for the last time by her on his head and died. She left.

His name was Juan as her name is Herlien.

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Smitha Adithan
Smitha is from Chennai, India. She loves to write fictional stories using those tiny wonder words. She's used to grasping ideas from hearing jazz music and gradually updates her words by listening to other's words.
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