“Why Pammy, why did you choose..?”  the question haunted Dinyar as he drove out of the basement and swung on left to join the evening traffic on LBS Road. He switched on GPS destination “Crematory”. The word Crematory caused a turmoil in his mind – a mixture of remorse and flood of memories of his wife “Priyamwada”.


Priyamwada alias Pammy was a young and beautiful woman. She had acting talents which were proved in various college plays and other stage competitions. Even after marriage and having two children, she continued to cherish her dream of acting in films and approaching the agencies.

One fine morning she was offered a lead role in a big budget Film. The actors opposite her were then already popular stars. The movie was a big hit. Followed by another hit,  PAMMY became a popular STAR overnight. She started getting offers for new films. Pammy felt awkward to entertain producers/directors in her poorly furnished house. She wanted  everything latest, in fashion or furnishings. After long hassles and bitter arguments her husband asked her to move out. Leaving her husband and children she moved to a posh mansion in a prime locality. She also bought a luxurious car.

Presently Pammy’s manners became overbearing. When producers were frequenting her residence for signing new films she would treat them badly, demanding high signing amount and lead roles opposite popular veterans only. She would insult her chauffeur, the spot boys on the sets and talk lowly about their availing free medical treatment at the TNT government hospital which was on her way.

Pammy’s attitude created major hurdles in her own career. One after another her films flopped at the Box Office. Slowly the source of income dried up.The pile of unpaid bills increased. Now the line at her residence was of creditors demanding payments. The new car was sold. She was forced to shift to a small house. Despondency and frustration took over.  She became an alcoholic. First it was branded foreign liquor eventually replaced by cheap country liquor. Incessant drinking and meager food spoiled her liver. No friends, no money and no family.

Pammy became seriously ill. There was no money for proper treatment  Finally, she was admitted in TNT government hospital where she breathed her last. No fans hence no funeral procession. Her body was put on a hawkers cart (Thela) and was taken to the municipal crematorium. “The irony” – the cart carrying her body was passing by the same government hospital where, once PAMMY used to speed off in her car, looking with arrogance at the poor patients.

—–Her tender body and lovely face were reduced to ashes.——

Holding the jar containing the last remains of Pammy Dinyar walked up-to his car. He looked up. The sky was dark with low hung clouds. His thoughts too were clouded. The drizzle turned into heavy showers. As he opened the car door the question again loomed up “Why Pammy why did you choose .. ? ”


Photo By: Tiko Giorgadze


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