“Will now meet you in the court…you just can’t walk out on me like this” he screamed. 

She ignored and continued to walk towards the main gate. Her eyes, firmly on her a daughter, who was sitting in the cab, petrified after what all she had seen in the last couple of hours.

It took them an hour to reach their newly rented apartment. The events of the day had left her drained. She had put up a brave face, through it all. Now, finally, she let her guard down and let those tears flow, releasing with them the pain and hurt that had bottled up for years.

All those years, she had done everything possible to save their relationship. But he continued to be in complete denial of his aggressive behaviour and alcohol addiction and ended up blaming her. He accused her of being an irresponsible wife and mother, who enjoyed at home, while he tackled the bigger stuff (read work and finances). 

Mummy, why are you taking so long?” her daughter’s voice, bought her back to the present. She wiped away her tears and walked out of the washroom, her eyes shone with a new found determination-Life had given her another chance and she had to make it count! 

She already had the finances in control with her new Job. Now, her focus on creating a loving nest for a daughter – A home that was full of love and laughter, instead of terror and fear.

That night, the mother and daughter, spent the night on the makeshift bed on the floor, hugging each other tight. Who needed that hug more- it was difficult to say.

The next few weeks were difficult, but slowly it started settling down, her daughter also started coming to terms with the new normal.


Three years later 

Her efforts, had started showing results. She was steadily growing in her career. Her daughter was also turning out into a cheerful and sensible girl. Recently, she had also topped her school at the board exams.. 

The phone ring interrupted her thoughts “Seema beta, we are at the police station, Rajeev has been arrested”, the voice on the end was trembling.

Don’t worry Papa, I am coming there”

She had always shared a great bond with her in-laws and saw no reason to break it off, post the divorce. She checked on them, from time to time, especially so, after Rajeev moved out to Mumbai.

At the police station, she learnt he had been caught in violent brawl near a Bar, resulting in an arrest.

She took charge- comforted his parents and then consulted her lawyer. The case had turned serious as one person had sustained serious injuries. Nothing much could be done, before the court hearing, the following day. On her request, his parents agreed to stay with her that night.

To the man behind the bars, she simply said “We have to leave…will now meet you in the court”


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