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Who Am I?

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Who would have thought that some day, I would have to come and write a testimony of my existence to the world? I am so complex, that I have been described as one with many traits. 

Proud humans know nothing of my whereabouts, my existence, my nature, my emotions, my traits, my gender and yet, they frame tall claims to make me fit into their ideology of ‘How I look, What I do or Exactly how I behave’. They have written theories and views, opinions and praises to prove my existence, to measure my worth and claim my doings. 

While many times, I feel pampered and almost fall into the trap of these farces, I truly can’t afford to. These humans have given me their own human qualities and yet, placed me on a pedestal far above their reach. 

Now, I don’t claim to be the perfectionist who has never thrown tantrums as a child or never landed my parents in trouble. It was just that everything around me designed in my favour and all that I did was accepted with open arms.

While I am up there, like an Omnipresent speck merging with the Cosmic Energies, I am no different from them. I have the added advantage of experiencing pain and pleasure moments while trying to empathise with their emotions. I have basically seen them all, but frankly, I prefer my own life over theirs.

Back on Earth, there are those who wear saffron garbs or white robes wandering and claiming themselves to be self-appointed guardians and path-pavers to enable the humans merge as one with me. They even claim that they are the ones who have seen me and know me well. Only I know, that they’ve never known me. Just tall claims, you see! 

And… for those who actually belong to my tribe, my close bunch of trusted ministers, a handful of the genuine folks, who have been an integral part of my life, today have taken up the mission of setting humans towards enlightenment, positivity and peace. They have undergone many sacrifices of their own, abandoning families, shedding their royalties and even mounting upon the cross to sacrifice their lives in the name of love and peace. 

As I sit and wait patiently on the sea of white clouds, hidden from direct view and yet, that exact place where they look up for me, I feel… confused, crest-fallen and manipulated. 

My friends, my tribesmen have left, tried their best and even sacrificed their lives with the hope that the mob below on Earth would improve… I’m declared as the all-pervasive, ever so compassionate and omnipotent being who’s there to sort out worries and set things right.

Am I wrong in feeling lonely to reside within you? Am I wrong in wanting to share my feelings and step down from the pedestal to be amidst you? Can I request you to not see me as this external God on the outside but the true Divine power within?


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