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The bulb rays kissed me as Ria opened the box. I smiled. I loved her and she loved me the most out of all the crayons in the box. I was her favourite among all and she called me “Darling Red.’” 

She held me in her tiny fingers. She had just started colouring when she heard some harsh voices. She left me there and stood at her room entrance. I could see her parents, shouting at the top of their voices.   

“You are always busy with your meetings and your phone. You don’t have any time for me or Ria. Is it just your work which keeps you busy? Or… your secretary? She is extremely beautiful and her eyes are always on you”, said her mother Shreya. 

“Stop being so skeptical ! I have told you before too that she is just my secretary. Why don’t you trust me?” asked Aryan. 

The fight continued. No one was ready to surrender. I heard the word “Divorce” in between. I was shocked. This word I had never ever heard before in my home. They left the dining , hurling abuses at each other.  

My little girl curled herself behind the door. Tears trickled down her chubby cheeks. She came near the study table. She was in pain and her face had turned pink. She held me again. She started scribbling. But this time she pushed me really hard. And….I broke. 

“Ouchh!” I screamed in pain. 

She couldn’t hear. But I was bleeding red. My spine had broken and I knew it could never be rejoined. A few tears trickled down my cheeks. My best friend had hurt me. But more than my pain, I was worried about Ria who was crying incessantly and I could do nothing to calm her down. She ran towards her bed and kept crying till she fell asleep. Her bright smile had always made me smile, her sad face shattered my heart. Whenever she was happy, she used to take me in her hand and draw red roses. Whenever she was sad, she would pick up the black colour and make grumpy faces. I am sure that six year old didn’t know what was divorce. These fights had been going on since last few days. And Ria’s innocence and childhood were getting burnt in their everyday fights. I wish I could repaint their empty hearts with love again. 

I looked out. The star spangled sky looked splendid. Suddenly, I saw a shooting star. I closed my eyes, “Dear Star…..though I am broken but people say that broken colours can colour too. I want to colour Ria’s childhood with colours of love and happiness. Let my abode be ‘Home Sweet Home’ again. 

Next morning, I see Ria’s parents entering the room together. They hugged her, kissed her forehead and said, “Sorry darling…we will never fight again.” 

Were my prayers getting answered? Was it a dream? I pinched myself hard. It was real. The hearts were getting refilled with love ……again. 

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