Dang it, you oaf! Now look at what you've done! Why are people like you even allowed to drive cars! Couldn't you see that sprawling rain puddle, you blind bat? Now I'm drenched to the bone when I had an important matter to attend to!

The car screeched to a halt past the puddle. The man stuck his head out briefly in the pelting rain, shook his head sadly at me, wound up his window and sped away. 

Whaaaattt! He ignored me? 

I balled my fist at him and grumbled under my breath. I needed to get inside the warmth of my home. Mum was sure to get mad at me dripping water and wet mud all over her freshly washed floor.


Where on earth could Lola have disappeared to? It's almost dinner time… Will my worries never end? This morning, it was my emerald ring which went missing right off my dresser. And now, Lola is adding creases on my forehead.

I turned around at the flapping sound of the cat door to see the truant Persian, walking in, tail high in the air and looking like something… a cat.. would drag in !!

With a gasp, I slapped my forehead. "Is this why I spend hundreds of dollars on your grooming appointments and products so that you could go loitering around in alleys, nosing in the trash and return looking like a mongrel! Rolling in glitter too it seems! It will take me ages to rub that shine off your fur."

My admonishment seemed to be falling on deaf feline ears. Lola looked at me condescendingly with her deep blue eyes. 


Mum can holler all she wants. But she's going to be pleased with me when she finds out what a brave adventure I've been on. 

My throaty meows finally got her attention. Her face looked like a million dollars when she saw that I had her emerald ring clenched in my mouth after raiding the nest of the magpie who had flown away with the shiny stone this morning.

"Lola!!! Is t–that myyy ring??" I was caught in an inescapable embrace—wet fur, mud, glitter and all…

Just then, my ears pricked at the clang of the doorbell. It was Jonathan, the lovable boy from next door who always came over to play with me. Out of breath, tears streaming down his face, he held out what looked like a white fur jacket.

"Lola was run over by a car down the road, Mrs. Smith", he sobbed uncontrollably. 

W–whaaa…at! That car killed me? Is that me in his arms??

"How ridiculous, Jonathan! Lola is right here and she brought me back the ring I'd lost this morning… Look at this…", Mum stammered.

Yes! I'm here! And so is the kind lady who sprinkled the shiny pixie dust on me. She keeps talking about nine lives and how reckless I was in my last. Mum, I only wanted to make you happy by getting back your ring.

Pic Courtesy: Pixabay

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