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Pizza Party, Bro!

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“This place is lit!” Angela whistled as Rene opened the main door.

“Whoa!” Em gushed.

The house was pristine, without a speck of dust. Everything was in its place. Candles flickered on the side tables, filling the rooms with a soft glow.

“This ghost is a perfectionist,” Rene said to her teen daughter and her best friend.

The girls stepped inside, excited. Not everyone could have a pizza party in a haunted house. Being the daughter of a ghost hunter had its benefits. 

The doors shut behind them without a sound.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Rene walked towards the staircase.

“You sure, mom?” Angela asked.

Rene smiled. “Yes, honey. Don't worry. I’ll be around.”

Angela nodded. She and Em placed the pizza boxes on the antique coffee table. They opened the Coke cans after a good shake. The carbonated drink gushed out and spilled on the carpet.

“No!!” a voice screeched.

They jumped, dropping the cans.

“What have you done?” A rush of wind hit them, followed by an apparition. The ghost crouched to clean up the mess.

“Umm… sorry.”

The ghost harrumphed. “What nonsense is this? Who are you, brats?”

Angela squared her shoulders. “A pizzaahh party, dude. You know ma mom, the ghost hunter.”

“Pssh! That woman is no hunter.” The ghost scoffed.

Em opened a ketchup packet. It dripped onto the coffee table. “Oops!”  She smirked.

“Don’t you have any manners?” The ghost yelled.

“Professor,” Rene said, appearing out of nowhere. “My girls have very good manners.”

“You bet! So, bruh, wanna join us and have a bite?” Angela offered him a slice of her half-eaten pizza.

“Stay away from me.” The ghost cried. “What did you call me?”

“Ahh… friend.”

“I am not your friend. You would do well to respect me, young lady.”

“This is modern respect, Professor.” Rene supplied.

The ghost looked uncertain if it was possible to ascertain his expressions. “Do you mean everyone is this bratty?”

“Yo! We’ll teach you too. You’ll slay it.” Em offered with a sweet smile.

“You will teach me… what? I’m not supposed to kill anyone.”

“Poor you! I mean, you’ll ace it or whatever.”

The ghost shuddered. “Please! Spare me the torture and vacate my house.”

“Nope. We want to stay. Mom?”

“Of course, honey. We’ll stay.”

“Never! I refuse to spend even a second longer in your presence. This is insulting.” The ghost tried to stamp his foot, which looked like a silly dance.

“Don’t be a cheugy. No one respects boring ghosts.” Angela said.

“You gotta toughen up,” Em added. “It’s a teen-eat-teen world, even if you ain’t one.”

“Stop! Get out!”

“Broo…” Angela drawled, opening another Coke can.

“Argh!” The house shook as the ghost whooshed out, shrieking.

The girls stared at one another. There was an eerie silence for a few seconds.

“Did he…?” Angela asked. 

“Yes, honey.” Rene grinned.

The girls whooped and laughed.


“Mom, it really worked!”

“Good job, darlings. Now, we enjoy the pizza and go home.”



Lit: Cool or awesome 

Bro: Friend 

Bruh: Friend, friendly greeting, a sigh of exasperation, a sign of disinterest, and many more 

Slay: Succeed in something amazing

Cheugy: Outdated, out of style (usually used by Gen Z in reference to a Millennial)


Picture Credit: Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


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