Perfect Proposal

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Life hadn’t been kind to me . Gosh ! How long it will take me to heal? A devastating marriage and shattering divorce!

Two years after divorce life had started looking up a bit. I was getting back my old confidence ,and I even managed to smile at times.

Marriage for me was like a plunge in the hell fire that had left me burnt and scalded, My soul still smarted from excruciating pain and pangs unbearable insults. All that had made me bitter.

I was considered the most ill- tempered doctor in the hospital and John, my ex was enjoying fantastic reputation in the institute.
I was the one blamed for our broken marriage In spite of all that was done to me ,I was considered the culprit and he ,the victim.

My blood boiled to see him flirting with every young girl . Entire hospital staff knew and believed his fabricated  tales  of my weird behaviour.

Natalie was the only one who understood me. She had watched me transform from a cheery  person to a stiff lipped matron. Her empathy had sustained me so far .

She wanted me to snap out of this traumatic situation.  She was insistent that I should leave that place  for his presence around would not let me recover.

“ Why don’t you understand,Natalie,” I tried to convince her,” It is not easy to get a job at my age .”

“Who tells you to find a job ?  There may be some other way? Anything that can keep you afloat. Why don’t you find a soulmate and get married again?,”

“ Stop mocking Natalie! “ I would sometimes be exasperated .

“  I would’ve accompanied you to a holiday had it not been for my family.”She would say, “Sarah ,why don’t you try just once.There are so many dating sites.”

“ Yes, but I don’t want to start it all over again .  I have had enough of it.”

At Natalie’s insistence I had decided to leave my job as a medical specialist  and  to have a small setup of my own.

Someone recommended Kevin’s company for the total solutions of setting up a small hospital.

I contacted him to know if opening a clinic was feasible within my means .

Our chats started absolutely on professional basis. We had a lot to text  about all major and minor details of my upcoming project.

As time passed and my project started taking shape.

With time our conversation became a bit personal and friendly. I found him to be a witty man. He seemed a considerate fellow with a gentle demeanour and pleasant manners.

We seemed to share similar social and cultural values and even religious beliefs.

Our conversation was now shifted to personal matters. I divulged everything about my previous marriage and bitter divorce to him.

I must l admit that I saw a bit of hope in him although I kept denying it to Natalie.

He too was divorced , but never revealed  the details about his ex-wife. I had no interest in knowing his past.

I was still smarting from the old wound but was ready to take a plunge for a man like him.

After months of online chatting,he finally suggested meeting at a trendy little place in my city.

l had been anticipating it .I allowed myself to make the best of this opportunity in spite of my fears.

One would never know when life might take an unexpected turn for better.  

With abated breath I waited for the day, wondering why I was behaving like a teenager.

He was well in time for the date . I watched him, a tall ,graceful gentleman walk towards me with a bouquet of red roses .

He was impeccably dressed and kept a straight posture though his receding hair line and silver at temples showed that he must be in fifties.

“Hi, you must be Sarah! “ he asked just to start a conversation.I smiled for it wasn’t difficult for us to recognise each other.

We talked about nothing in particular for hours. He reminded me of chivalrous gentlemen of ancient times.

Next day I chuckled all the time while telling Natalie about my meeting with my dream man .

We had planned to meet again next week at the same place

It was during our second meeting when all my aspirations came to a crashing  halt .

He hadn’t bothered to reveal certain trivial details about his family and so called ex-wife. He didn’t want to bother me with that as he was too sure of me.

My honest revelations about my state of mind had suggested him that I was vulnerable and an easy target.

He had decided to leave his plum job for that was too materialistic for him. He was now inclined towards spirituality. He had decided to become a missionary.

His incensed wife had asked him to divorce her when she came to know about that.

He was still living with his so called ex- wife and six children for he couldn’t afford child support and had no place of his own.

“ But isn’t it an opportunity for you ,Sarah to enjoy the privilege of being a mother and a wife ? What else do women need except a happy household and a loving husband? “

He was sure that as a medical specialist I would be able to earn enough for the family and he would be free to spread the message of spirituality to ignorant masses.

A splendid opportunity was offered to me to spend the rest of my life looking after him, his six children and perhaps his ex-wife too.

For a long moment I sat like a sepulchral statue unable to think .

Could there be a better proposal?


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