Power Cut!

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“Shiv! Shiv! Every morning my “Dhyan” gets disturbed by this Azaan” the staunch Hindu, Chaubeyji murmured angrily.

“Every morning, the same complaint for years” his wife, Kanchan, lamented while handing him his morning tea.

“Only if this was a Hindu area. Everyday, the smell of meat fills the house, fresh air has become a luxury for us” he went on complaining.


“Adil Bhai, so today’s evening plan is finalised?” shouted Arif from his shop as Adil crossed the street towards him.

“Of course!!” Adil confirmed, simultaneously opening a jar of cashew and taking a few bites, without paying.

“We will also play Qawali loudly to irritate Chaubeyji, the way he plays his Bhajans every day, disturbing our peace.” Arif said cunningly.


“Kanchan, today keep the dinner ready early. You know it’s an important day. I woudn’t want any disturbance in the evening” Chaubeyji commanded excitedly on his way out.

Later that evening..,

“Oh No!! The power cut had to happen at such a crucial moment, how will we know the result now?” cried Chaubeyji’s children in exasperation.

“Looks like Adil’s house has got power” commented Chaubeyji’s elder one while craning his neck out the window.

“Papa, can we go there and see the result?” they asked sheepishly in unison.

Chaubeyji was in a dilemma, he too wanted to know the result desperately, but entering a Muslim’s house?

A knock on the door.

“Chaubeyji, please join us in our house to watch the match. After all it’s India Vs Pakistan. The biggest match of the 2011 world cup. It would be fun celebrating India’s win together. We have even discarded all non-veg food in anticipation of your presence. Later, we can all burst firecrackers together.”

Smiling, Chaubeyji and family followed Adil to celebrate the biggest religion in India, Cricket!

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Divisha Agrawal Mittal
Divisha Agrawal Mithal is currently a stay at home Mom, based in USA. She was a Banker by profession in her earlier stint in the corporate world. She is an avid reader, who loves to read historical fiction. Writing is fairly new to her, she is still learning the ropes of this creative field.
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