Let us be mature here

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‘My co brother’s sister’s daughter has attained puberty.’ said A

‘Oh! very close relative. What is the good name of the girl?’, said B

‘Asha, but we call her Ashu kutti papa, in short.’, said A

‘So, when is the function? You will surely have to attend, no?’, said B

‘Now, they are planning to have the ‘cleansing’ ceremony only, it seems. Then, a big function will be kept with all the relatives invited.’ said A

‘Why cannot they join both?’ said B

‘Lot of my relatives are out of the station .They have to do the needful.’ said A

‘What is her age? Has she passed out of the school?’ said B

‘No, no. She is still in school only. She was small yesterday. Now she has become matured.’ said A

‘Can I be invited too? Will they have nonveg for the ceremony?’ said B

‘What man? You are asking as if you don’t know. My co-brother is stingy. He will order for veg only. He does even perform charity to a dying man.’ said A

‘What gift are you getting?’ said B

‘I have a Ganesha statue with a clock in his belly. Somebody gave me for my birthday. It is in good condition only. I will wrap it nicely and add ‘and family’ in the gift card to include my parents also. This is enough for that fellow.’ Said A

‘I have to revert back to work, now. Already, my head is paining from all the work. Now I have to do extra because there are lot of absentees today. Bye’ said B


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