• Let us be mature here

    ‘My co brother’s sister’s daughter has attained puberty.’ said A ‘Oh! very close relative. What is the good name of the girl?’, said B ‘Asha,...1 min


    “Oh God, wonder how this country is still running?” Ravi cursed out aloud, as he stumbled on one of those paver blocks, that had come...1 min

  • Choices

    Arun wiped away tears from his mother’s eyes. He had nailed the dream job, and was leaving for America, along with his wife. He felt...1 min

  • Power Cut!

    “Shiv! Shiv! Every morning my “Dhyan” gets disturbed by this Azaan” the staunch Hindu, Chaubeyji murmured angrily. “Every morning, the same complaint for years” his...1 min


      It was Ronnie’s first train journey. While it took nearly seventeen hours to reach the subcontinent from New Jersey, Mumbai to Latur was going...1 min

  • The Holiday Banter

    “You are wrong.” “I don’t need your advice.” Sravi and Appu, the ‘monkey’ cousins, were at it, again. Aged 14 and 11 respectively, they met...1 min

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