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The Girl From Karmanesia

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The chimes of a horse drawn carriage woke Philip up announcing the arrival of a resplendent dawn. He peeped through the window. A teenage girl was being helped to alight the carriage. Philip saw her face half-hidden by the vinaceous locks of her hair. She glowed like the morning glory despite her sleep-deprived eyes. A peculiar vibe tugged at his heart. 


“This is my cousin Clara,” his best friend Fred told Philip as he brought her along to the gang’s favourite spot in the woods. She looked stunning but appeared flustered. 

“Clara is from Karmanesia, she is here on a vacation.” 

Clara’s eyes met Philip’s. Philip couldn’t stand her gaze. He looked away. 

Though they were engaged in a game of treasure hunt, Philip’s attention was fixed on Clara. The mysterious feeling that she created inside him made Philip want to approach her but he did just the opposite.

Fred told Philip before leaving the place,“This is Clara’s first visit here. She wants to go to the fort to see the prince.”

“Meeting the prince in the fort is impossible,” Philip said,“But we can see him at the place where they dock the royal sailboats. There is a shortcut through the woods. I know his routine.”

“How far will that be? Can we catch a clear glimpse of him?” Asked Clara.

Philip didn’t expect the question coming his way. He attempted to reply, but no sound came out of his mouth. 

“What’s bothering you Phil? Speak louder,” Fred said.

“Close enough to count the number of gold buttons on His Highness’ robe!” Philip blurted out.   

“Mercy to you, Phil,” Clara replied with an enchanting smile. 

That evening, Philip played his harp in the birch woods and composed a song, ‘Mercy to you!’


 Philip led his friends through the unexplored avenues of the woods. Since Philip’s uncle was a minister, they knew they wouldn’t be in trouble if spotted by the guards.Their plan was to pretend to collect firewood. Not long after they reached the clearing near the dock, an ornate sail boat emerged from the horizon. The sails mounted atop the boat fluttered like a flock of cranes flying across the sky. 

 “His Highness, the prince is sailing alone!” exclaimed Fred. 

“He is rejoicing his last moments in solitude,” said Clara.

“What does she mean?” Philip inquired.

“I’m not from Karmanesia. This prince of yours murdered my twin brother last week. I am here to get my revenge.”

Pushing them aside Clara ran towards the boat with a shiny dagger in her hands.

Philip was at a loss for words. Before he could react, he heard the screams of a dying man.

Guards emerged from the thicket. 

Philip saw the guards and his friends run towards Clara and the dying prince. He wanted to go too, as he had many unanswered questions. Yet, he walked away. 

He had a strange feeling tug at his heart. He knew that the Nemesis was hard to let go. 


Photo By: Jr Korpa

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