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The Magic Wand

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Santa isn’t real Mommy!” Seven-year-old Sophia declared firmly. 

Her Mothers face fell. She could not help feeling sad about the loss of Christmas magic from her daughters life. 

Daddy was Santa last year.” Her large eyes considered her mothers, with a child’s defiance. 

I wish I could keep the magic alive for a while,” wished her mother wistfully to herself. 

They were enjoying the magical fairy lights and Christmas decorations around the city.

Look at that Christmas tree Mommy! Its as big as a house!” Squealed Sophia. The baubles on the trees glittered merrily as enticing gift boxes hung off the branches. Santa walked around with a huge bag on his shoulders as a little red and green toy train went around sending the children into a tizzy of excitement. Sophia loved the holiday spirit.

The shining wand with a multi-colored star on one end caught her eye. The wand mesmerized her. The lady selling them looked straight into her eyes and beckoned her with a smile. Sophia was drawn to the lady with deep, twinkling eyes and her hair in a bun. Little Sophia tugged at her mother's arms. 

What is it, Sophia?”, her mother asked. Sophia pointed to the wand seller. 

“Can I have a wand please, Mommy?” 

It's a plastic wand and it wont last my love. Shall I buy you another present?”, her mother asked gently. 

You must have the blue and yellow one, little Sophia!”, she heard the sellers voice. Strangely, she could not see her lip movement.  The strange eyes twinkled again. 

“I don’t believe in magic, but are you a witch?” Sophia wondered. 

Yes, I am and so are you little witch Sophia.”! Came the reply.

Sophia was startled and quickly looked at her mother, who seemed oblivious to the exchanges. She felt a rush of excitement. 

Am I a witch? Can I do magic?” Sophia asked in her head. 

You have great magic in you little Sophia!

How will I know?” wondered Sophia.

The wand will tell you”. Whispered the smiling witch.

Shall we go, Sophia?” Her mother asked. 

Yes Mommy, this is my magic wand!”  She squealed in delight.

Indeed it is!” Laughed her Mommy, secretly relieved that her little girl had rediscovered some festive magic.

Let us go to the park”, Sophia said. 

They walked together, holding hands. Sophia saw a little dog on the pavement. It looked up hopefully for a treat as she passed by. 

Sophia looked at her glittering wand. I wish you were a magic wand. I would love a biscuit for the little dog.”, thought Sophia. 

I am a magic wand, little Sophia! “ She heard the voice. The dog sniffed her hands and promptly started crunching up some biscuits. Sophia was amazed and delighted. 

At the park gates, she found a bunch of ragged children around a tree. They were intent on decorating the tree with leaves, pebbles, and some newspaper scraps. 

A little boy looked sad. I wish we could go into the shops and see the big tree with bright coloured lights.” He said. 

An older boy took his hand. They won’t allow us in. But lets make this tree very beautiful. Help me put up some of this glittering paper I found!” 

Sophia stood watching the children. 

She wished she could help decorate that tree beautifully and put up gifts.

Shall we do it? “ The wand asked her, reading her thoughts.

Sophia jumped up and down. Can we?”, She asked. 

Why not! I am a magic wand and you are little witch Sophia! Between us, we make magic and bring happiness.” Said the wand bowing to touch her head. 

“This is fun. The witch was right. You are truly magic, and I am a little witch.” She thought, smiling. 

“Shall I call you Jadoo? Aren’t we friends now?” Sophia asked holding the wand in front of her. 

I like the name”, conceded the wand doing another jig. 

Turn around!” Said Jadoo. 

Sophia looked at the tree and drew in her breath.

The children were clapping and dancing around the tree, unbridled joy in their laughter. The tree looked breathtakingly beautiful. The little lights hung off it like a hundred golden and silver moons, melding into the orange-hued evening sky. The golden stars shimmered in the twilight. Red stockings hung tantalizingly on the bigger branches. Golden bells tinkled merrily in the breeze. A Santa hat danced on the tree top besides a wreath. A bunch of gift boxes lay at the bottom of the tree. Little cakes hung on the lower branches, delicately wrapped in paper wrappers. Tiny chocolate balls hid behind the leaves of the tree. 

The children, at first hesitant, started feasting on the cakes and the chocolates. 

Sophia looked on in amazement. 

Jadoo, can we join them too?” She asked and Jadoo jiggled in response.

It is our magic Christmas tree and we have some gifts too.” The little boy squealed, offering her a chocolate. Santa must have come here while we weren’t looking.”

Let us help them find their gifts Sophia!”, whispered Jadoo.

To her surprise, Sophia found the names of the children on the gifts. She was delighted to find a gift with her name on it.

She opened it. Jadoo, it's a little toy elf.!” She squealed.

Sophia looked at her mother. Mommy and the other adults did not seem to notice anything unusual.

Time to go home love!” Mommy called out to her.

Merry Christmas little witch Sophia! I will sleep until next Christmas. The elf will wake me up next year and we shall have magical times together again.” Whispered Jadoo.

Jadoo! Dont sleep for a whole year! Wailed Sophia.

Jadoo yawned. Magic is for special occasions.” He said and promptly fell asleep.

Sophia put Jadoo away in a little cardboard box, and fell asleep herself, dreaming of Santa and magic. 

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