Contemporary Crime Five00-1 Mystery

The Midnight Proposal

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“Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.”
P.S: Don’t tell your twin.
It was Ryan’s favourite place. Colourful balloons swayed in the breeze as their strings held firm to the railing. He stood in the centre of the old empty bridge looking handsome in the black silk shirt and matching trousers.
The full moon reflected in the water below. Kristine’s heart swelled with anticipation. The ivory dress flowed over her curves as she glided towards him. Her chocolate brown eyes shone through the mask.
“Wow! I wasn’t expecting the gloves though.” Ryan chuckled and gave her the long-stemmed red rose.
Her scarlet lips curved into a delightful smile. A few tendrils escaped her topknot secured with a strange looking clip. Ryan twisted the loose curls around his fingers and teased her. “Won’t you speak?”
Kristine shook her head.
He laughed. “Okay, I’m sorry. I will not call you a chatterbox again. I promise.”
She said nothing as she twirled. The movements made the dress shimmer in the silver moonlight. Kristine hummed his favourite song as they swayed and dipped. Clouds began to cover the clear starry sky. The wind picked up as the owls hooted at a distance.
Ryan halted and went down on his knees. “Will you marry me and make me the luckiest man alive?” He pulled out a ring from his pocket.
He smiled at her expression. She wanted a pale pink stone nestled among tiny diamonds. Ryan showed her the inscription on the platinum band. It read, “To our love.”
Kristine swallowed a lump in her throat and nodded.
“Come on. You can at least say yes. Please.” Ryan looked at her with puppy eyes.
She extended her left hand with a shake of her head. He began to peel the glove off her hand, but she stopped him.  
“Say yes.” Ryan stood and grabbed her as she turned away. The tears in her eyes hardly surprised him. He knew she was emotional.
He slipped the finger onto her gloved finger with little difficulty. Her smile lit up the entire place. She let her hair fall in waves around her shoulders. Ryan swung her around and held her close.
“I love you, Anna.” He murmured into her hair. She stiffened. Before he could ask, Ryan felt a stab of pain in his back.
Ryan staggered his mouth working. No words came out. Kristine pushed him hard. He landed on his back, the stiletto* digging deeper into his spine.
“Why?” He stared in horror as Kristine removed her mask.
“I’m sorry, love. I saw you first, but she wanted you.” Kristine ’s voice was flat.
He shivered.
“I… love her… not… you.” Ryan gasped. The pain was excruciating. He knew he wouldn’t survive.
Her eyes flashed. “You will never be hers. Never.”
Kristine walked away admiring the ring. Too bad, she had to use it to frame Anna in

Ryan’s murder. A fitting punishment for the traitors.

* Stiletto- an Italian long blade thin automatic knife.
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