Hai, Ananya. Is there any Maths test tomorrow?

(no reply)

You look different in your profile picture.

Is that you or your sister?
Sorry, I think I am the wrong Ananya.
Oh, I am sorry.
I thought it was my classmate.
That’s why I called you pretty. Sorry again.
Because you called me pretty??
No. I am never sorry, to tell the truth.
Anyways, nice knowing you.
Got to go.
Have a trigonometry test tomorrow.
Do you know how to compliment a triangle?
Hey, you are ‘a cute’ angle. ?
Next day
How did you do your tests today?
So, so
I am feeling very down.
Today is my mom’s first death anniversary.
Memories, memories. I am crushed.
I am very sorry to hear that.
Hope I can help you.
I don’t open up to anybody
Ok. If you are uncomfortable, we can catch up later.
I did not finish yet.
But with you, I am fine.
I think I can share my fears without feeling vulnerable.  
An irony, isn’t?
My parents are ‘there’ but are never ‘there’.
I come back from school to an empty house.
Many months later
You look stunning in your Anarkali.
Indian dresses suit you to the tee.
But then, everything looks good on you.
Am still waiting for your pics.
Come on.
I told you many times.
I am not a click and post guy.
The few pics in my Dp is all I have.
Anyway, Happy second month anniversary.
Can I call you?
At least, I hear your voice?
Wait, my love, till the time is right.
Oh, God. Has it been two months?
When I am with you, Times flies or does it freeze?
You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
Can I ask you for a kiss.??
Can I see more of you…?
I mean, you know…
Seeing you in that purple Anarkali, makes me want to do crazy things with you…
A month later…
Got into a big fight with my parents today.
Feel like killing myself.
If not for you, I would have done it by now.
Please don’t say that.  
I won’t survive without you.
Do you want to meet me?
Are you serious?
How will I hoodwink Prema Akka and come alone?
Work out a plan.  
Meet me at the Broken Bridge.
Make sure you are not followed.
Just slip out of the house and if you walk fast.
you can be there in 10 mins.
I am scared…
True love knows no fear. Remember.
Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.
‘The Hindu’ newspaper dated 21 June 2017.
The cybersleuth wing of Tamilnadu arrested the notorious pedophile who remained elusive for a year now, in a secret operation called ‘The Broken Bridge’. The cops, who posed as a 15-year-old girl, engaged the criminal for three months through a messaging app during which they sent fake photos to lure the criminal out of his hiding. A Laptop containing objectionable material was seized from the accused.


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