Five00 -1

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Writing Event #Five00 -1



“Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.”


1. Your story must have a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 500 words.
2. Must use the given line somewhere in your story.
3. No previously published works, only fresh stories considered.
4. No plagiarism.
5. One entry per person ONLY
6. Send your story through a WORD FILE ONLY to [email protected].
7. Send a picture relating to the story along with your story and we’ll make the cover.
8. Have fun! Yes, that’s a rule. Enjoy writing!
9. By sending your story you are allowing us to share your story on our website
Winning criteria:
1. Readers are appreciated writing their comments along with ratings for the 1) Story quality 2) Grammar from 0 to 10.
2. Winners will be decided based on the scores given by the readers. In case of no rating written, ArtoonsInn admins would fill the gap.
3. Readers reactions are also taken into consideration. Any reaction = 1, Share = 2 points.
4. Winners will get a beautiful novel delivered to their address.
P.S. Please be kind to send us a 2-3 line introduction about yourself along with your #Five00 story.
The Broken Bridge
Beauty in the Beast


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