The Queen

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“Who has given you the right to play with other people’s lives”, Siddharth said angrily, as he barged into the office.

“Good Afternoon Sid”, I smiled.

Giving him a cup of coffee, I touched his cheek. He pushed my hand away.

“What is the matter”, I asked softly.

“You know, I am in love with Mira. She was kicked out of the company, because of you”, he said.

Sipping my coffee, I replied, “I don’t even know, where she works.”

Sid replied angrily, “It is not who fired the shot but who paid for the bullet.”

He continued, “I know you have good contacts in Mira’s firm. You hate her because she is simple, not rich, not influential.  She doesn’t fit in your circle.”

I calmly replied, “Sid, Mr. Shroff sent a proposal for his daughter. Rhea will be perfect for you.”

He got up, “I know all your plans. It is a business move for you. All you can think of is profits.”

He continued pacing, “Mira has applied for postgraduation and will soon get a better job. I am glad, that I have my clinic. We are not interested in this rat race and this empire.”

He looked at me intently, “You were never there for me. You are a selfish person Ma. It is not always about money.”

My voice rose, “Why is it that people who have money always say that. I was not keen for this empire. But your father committed suicide because he was scared of the debts.
I had to run the show. I had to think of 500 families and not only you.
Yes, I am selfish.
Your clinic, your degree is because of this selfishness.”

Sudha, my secretary, my confidante entered, an indication of the next meetings.

Sid was at the door, “I am getting married to Mira tomorrow. I would prefer if you don’t attend.”

I had tears in my eyes, “My blessings are always with you. Can I come and visit your house later?”

Sid was quiet. He nodded and left.

Sudha asked, “Why didn’t you tell him, that you like Mira.”

“He would have never married Mira then. I had to speed up the process. He is a sensitive child. Rhea would have made his life miserable. He would have married her, just to spite me. Mira will be the anchor in his life. Calm, and levelheaded. She will be an ideal partner for him”,  I told her.

Sipping my coffee, I smiled a Sudha, “This is the art of letting the other person have your way.”
“Not only I paid for the bullet, but I own the whole armoury.
In Chess, the Queen has the most powers but once the King dies, the game is over.
In reality, the game just begins when the King dies, the Queen will do anything to protect her kingdom, her children, to give them the best life they deserve.”

Sudha smiled, raised her cup, “Long Live the Queen”



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