Claws Club Fantasy

The Wagered Queen

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That dumb-ass husband of hers sat quiet, hidden from view. While she stood there, out in the open… lecherous eyes, lecherous grins bore through her skin. She looked straight at the opponents… oh she is a queen alright. A woman, with the coward of a man as husband, but a queen alright. A woman, with multiple men to sleep with, but a queen alright. A woman, whose beauty brought along woes for her, and for all, but a queen alright.

She turns back once to lock eyes with the king. He was looking at the ground. Planning to pull off a “Sita”… is that what’s in his mind? Wager everything and everyone off he will, but not come out to face and fight the evil.

And every night she needs to be boxed in with him. Not just him! Him and more men! With her placed in between. We think and we discuss, we discuss and we highlight, we highlight and we write how the queen is between many men at night. And does that not make her just another pretty whore… with all the limelight?

The queen does not agree, no, she does not. She is tall and slender, dark with a shine, so taut and so curvy, with prowess and spine. A woman of class, a woman with might, a woman of grace, a woman who can fight. The men liked her… they always have. The men wanted her… they always have. And she so enjoyed that… she always has.

Then she met the king… the most unworthy of them all.

A fraction of her powers he had, a fraction of her wits he had, a fraction of her looks he had. Yet he was the wuss she got wedded to. As he was the one who adorned the throne. Not the queen, not his brothers, not his men, not his horses, not his elephants… were given a share. Nor could they run away for the taste of freedom!

They lived with him, knew they had to die. Just for that dumb-ass king.

And on the day of the wager game on the black and white board, his ego swelled up more. He waited at the back and pushed them all ahead. One by one they were gone… gone to save the king. And when none else were there to be given away… he pushed ahead the queen.

The queen stood there in the midst of all. With all the eyes of lust upon her, ready to take her down.

She closed her eyes and searched within for a god (or a goddess.) Or even a faith that can soothe. Oh no… she just remembered. She is an atheist! She can’t walk that way! Lord Krishna… friend or god or whoever you are… you are that to them all… not to her, not to her any more. Not to her, ever again. Prayers are a placebo and she has never prayed. She has never prayed and she will not today.

The opponent king was eyeing her… along with men and animals around him. Yes, they were all eyeing her. It has never bothered her. Beauty will bring such side effects, she knew and she always has. It is only that dumb-ass husband of hers that bothered her. And enraged her. She looked around, they were closing in on her. A three-pronged attack was coming upon her.

She looked back and locked her eyes with the king, the sickly, coward, stupid king. The king looked up and met her eyes. Protect me… screamed his face. He held up his hands and folded them to her. He begged for his life and asked her to sacrifice hers. Pleaded to use her beauty, body and whatever she had… to protect him as life he must have.

And the queen was quenched… only a bit. Only a bit but that was it. She needed grit and she had gotten it. The king was no more than a pauper, they knew it. And we knew it. And now the whole world knew it. But she needed an honest admission, not from the horse’s mouth but from the king. About him having no ball.

So it was settled. None there to fend for her.

She stared down her cleavage; she pulled out her sword. Layers of clothes to protect modesty? Ha! Hide weapons instead under a single layer. You fight and you ward them off. You don’t just pray while they tear your clothes off.

The queen charged ahead with her drawn blade and down came the head of the lecherous knight. The head rolled off to the feet of a soldier, one loyal soldier of her side. The soldier looked up, surprised and psyched.

He screamed out a battle cry and it did suffice. Her men were broken, broken in spirit and about to submit. The queen’s defiance but, had stirred them back to life. The queen led and they joined in the fight. They resisted, they attacked; they had to prevent the sorry plight.

Turn of the opponent king to cower in fright. His soldiers and knights were taken by surprise. By the defiant queen and her valiant subjects.

Twist here! The opponent king did not cower. He was strong; strong in bed and strong in power. He instructed and organized and joined the battle. All joined the fight but the dumb-ass king.

The opponent king was lusty and wrong, but a brave man he was and did not bow down. Thought the queen with secret joy as she lured him out in open fight. The opponent king came charging ahead, the queen he needed; for his kingdom and bed.

And in that moment of carnal haze, the king missed! That he was tailed by a knight of the queen.

The queen sauntered in and faced the king, displayed her curves and her fullness within. And just when the king was about to grab her, she grabbed him instead and declared “Checkmate!”

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