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To Be Or Not To Be!

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In the days of yore, there lived King Chaucer who hailed from the House of Fame and ruled over the kingdom of Canterbury. He had a glorious reign and was undisputedly known as “Father of the English World.”  With advancing age and stricken with innumerable maladies, his complaints ranged from Mars to Venus. He spent countless days contemplating about a suitable heir and consulted with his friend Gower, sipping wine in the Poets’ Corner.  The Queen consort had favoured him with heirs aplenty, but the matter of contention remained with the progression. The curious case of the septuplets, born of one conception!

Chaucer summoned all the seven gems. Each one, eminent and noble. He proclaimed, 

“The forest of wisdom awaits you all, depart now and expend seven days braving the tempest and entitle the befitting heir! On the victorious one, Tales would be spun in Canterbury!”


To the forest of wisdom marched the seven exceptional men, each one lost in his thoughts.

Charles sniggered, “What the Dickens! I do not have great expectations, and I glimpsed in the Pickwick papers about a house to let. Farewell, dear six, hard times to you all.” He walked away. An unexpected twist it was indeed.

Edgar, afflicted with woe and caressing a Raven on his shoulder, declared openly “I read the purloined letter and do not want a descent into the maelstrom. I am on a journey to where my tell-tale heart leads, hopefully, to Anabelle Lee!” Edgar sprinted away, Raven and all.

Mark sauntered and in a nasal twang uttered “Roughing it up, are you all? I have read the diaries of Adam and Eve, and nothing captivates me here. Sorry to say I am not your huckleberry.  I am embarking on a journey to the Equator. A war prayer for you, my dear ones. Adieu.” The others nodded silently.

Ralph, who believed in transcendentalism, gazed at his diminished circle of siblings. “Society and solitude are the two paths before me, and I do not wish to advocate on the conduct of life. It’s preferred to select our paths according to our nature. I have chosen mine. Goodbye.” 

Thomas elucidated promptly, “This is a wasteland, and you are all hollow men. I am on a journey to Little Gidding to sing rhapsodies on a windy night with Simeon. Convey my love to Aunt Helen and Cousin Nancy.” He strolled away with Ralph.

William bent his knees and announced “I am here to make peace. This is no vanity fair, and neither are we snobs. Rebecca and Rowena are awaiting my arrival, and you can take the ‘Rose and the Ring’ and kindly let me stay in the kingdom.”

The Bard curled his lips slightly “As you like it dear brother, all this was much ado about nothing. All’s well that ends well.”

He strode victoriously to rule the English Wor(l)d forever!!

Title credit: William Shakespeare.

Authors Note – My respectful tribute to a few of the eminent personalities of the English Literary realm.


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