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“You will love it Asha. The show is going houseful. Please join” pleaded Avni


“No ifs and buts. After that, a dinner at your favourite restaurant should cheer you up!”

Asha sighed, smiling. She knew she had no other option. So she quickly completed her pending work in the office and requested the lawyer to cancel the meeting.  She joined Avni at the auditorium on time.

Asha casted a quick glance at the poster stationed outside the hall. Among all the artists, she felt that one artist had an uncanny resemblance to someone she had known long before.

“Is she Raveena?” she wondered but shrugged off that thought. It couldn’t be.

But, before she could check the name, her friend just pulled her in to the hall. One actor  held Asha’s attention till the end and that was Sita. Her acting prowess reached the pinnacle when she cried and fell to the ground, as the play ended.

“I loved the play. Sita was just awesome and the Ramayan told from Sita’s perspective was completely different from what we have grown up watching till now” said Avni .

“I agree” said Asha.


She turned back. And to her surprise, the person was none other than the one who performed the role of Sita. 

“So It is indeed you Raveena!”  Asha clapped her hands in glee.

“Yes! You recognised me!”

Both of them gave a warm hug to each other.

“Can I join you? Till my husband comes in.”

“Please. It will be our pleasure” Avni beamed.

“You just owned the stage.” Gushed Asha.

“Thanks for the beautiful compliment”. Replied Raveena.

After a brief pause, Asha said hesitatingly “I hope you will not mind if I say that you have changed. It’s almost like you are another person. Where have you been all these years?”

Raveena smiled.

“You have known me as an extremely shy introvert, a backbencher who rarely spoke in class. The teachers were always angry because I never secured good marks. In the family of medical professionals, I was a disappointment.”

“Then, what happened? I am amazed and curious about your three sixty degree transformation.”

“In college, I joined the theatre. Whenever I was on the stage, I just lost myself into the story. It was a whole new world. I started expressing my caged emotions. And there, I found myself and  my husband who supported me wholeheartedly in my journey of self discovery.”

“That’s great.”

“And what are you doing? You were always the topper of our class, the showstopper, scholar, the beauty with brains!”

“Oh I am the CEO of the PepsiCo company.”

“That’s really nice. You are doing so well and you must be really happy with your position and pay package, right?”

She wanted to say a resounding “Yes” but…

“And here comes my husband, Ashish!” Raveena announced, her voice laced with pride.

Asha turned around only to be shocked to find her divorce lawyer wholesomely hugging his wife.

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