Minati held her B. ED Certificate in her hand as she entered Priya’s flat. She smiled gleefully and her eyes sparkled radiantly. ” Thanks a ton Priya, I got the job. I was able to achieve my best all due to your support and care.If you would not have come in my life and supported me at the right time, my life would have been pushed down into an abysmal well.” Minati expressed her gratitude to her best friend. As she hugged Priya , tears of gratitude kept rolling down her cheeks.

Priya recalled the day , two years back when she got a call from her bestie at the beginning of January on a chilly morning. Priya was shocked to learn about the enduring agony that Minati had to suffer in the form of a huge storm. Minati was sounding absolutely shattered and broken. Her confidence had disappeared absolutely. Priya hated to see her bestie in this state. She asked her to stay with her instantly.

Minati’s life had been ordinary . She and Priya had pursued their schooling from the same school located in their remote township. They had been the best of friends and always did everything together. While pursuing their graduation , both got seperated. Priya opted for the Science stream whereas Minati opted for the Humanities stream. Both attended their colleges in different cities. They stayed in touch for a while through letters . 

After completing their graduations both of them eventually got married in the same year and coincidentally on the same day. 

Minati , still remembers the day, she went with her mother to invite them for her wedding. Priya looked at the card and cried loudly ” oh , dear its the same date as my wedding!”

While Priya was blessed with a happy married life, Minati’s married life turned out to be a roller coaster ride. In fact it turned out to be a great curse for her. Her husband , Hemanth was an alcoholic and the moment she tried to explain him about the disadvantages , she received heavy beatings. Domestic violence was taking a toll on all her optimistic stands towards life. She continued her relationship with Hemanth , inspite of all this with a smile on her face. Things, changed drastically for the worse after the birth of their daughter Riya six years later.

Minati , was abused and beaten regularly by Hemanth for she had given birth to a girl child. The storm of her life took a worst shape after the New year celebration of 2017. Hemanth’s extramarital affair was exposed. With these scars , Minati decided to take a break and reshape her life forever. Thus holding on Riya’s hand she stepped out of Hemanth’s life forever. 

During all these years , she had lost touch with Priya. Yet the first thought that flashed in her mind was to call Priya and take her help. Priya had a look at her friend’s face and could make out that she was just out of inferno. Her body was filled with scars , the mental storm had also left her damaged beyond repair. 

Priya stood by her bestie ‘s side and convinced her to pursue her B.ED course, so that she could join a School job permanently. Beginning everything once again was not an easy task for Minati but with Priya’s support she completed her B. ED degree . She , got her permanent job in the school before, the third birthday of Ria on 20th October ,2019. There was no looking back in her life after this . Both friends realised that ‘ not all storms come to disrupt your lives, some come to clear your path. “

The Storm that Minati endured in her life shattered her for a while but not permanently. Her ability to make a comeback was like finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow. She found a new direction to her life after she faced the worst storm in her life. Riya too loves her mother dearly and is thankful to Priya aunty for changing their lives forever.


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