Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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The Fat Man

On the top floor of the high-rise; in the dimly lit corner room, the shadows lurked around, murmured and sighed in exasperation. Bales of...

The Bloody Moon

‘TRANSssssssFORMmmm….’ A small string of light emanated from the wand like an electric current. Derek moved forward ?anticipating to fly?. He fluttered his hands like wings?, but to...

The first steps

The clock struck 12.  The red notifications on my Social Media apps multiplied. Discount deals on chocolates, flowers, fancy gowns and diamond jewelleries flooded...

A New Dawn

The summer sun is shining bright but the valley resonates a deafening silence. Beads of perspiration coat my temple, the excruciating pain restrain me...