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Paint My Love

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Paint My Love

“It is such a stimulating experience when the pigments clash – the garish, gaudy, violent shades with the pastel, demure, soft tones.” Rachel’s eyes sparkled with unrestrained joy as she spoke about her latest artwork. The candlelight flickered as her hands moved animatedly painting an invisible canvas. Shawn stifled a yawn looking for the steward. Their whirlwind third date was at its end, and he was yet to score. He pasted an encouraging smile and mentally patted himself for landing such a nice piece of – 

“Your cheque, Sir! And our finest Chardonnay to go.” The steward presented the expensive bottle of wine to Rachel with a flourish. 

“Aren’t we presumptuous tonight?” She raised a delicate brow at Shawn; her blush deepening with the heady intoxication of the wine and the man that held her gaze. 

“Well, a man can be hopeful.” He shrugged nonchalantly and signed a hefty tip for the steward. 

“Shall we?” His husky voice sent a delicious shiver down her spine.

Together, they strolled in the moonlight, making their way towards Rachel’s apartment.


“Oh honey, this is so good. You look like a god in repose.” Rachel chattered excitedly. Her nimble fingers moved over the canvas with furious strokes. She paused, sighing dreamily at Shawn, who lay sprawled on the bed in all his naked glory. The first rays of the sun hit just the right angles, creating an ethereal silhouette.

Pulling up the silken sheets that rode tantalizingly low on her body, she slurped at her wineglass. Her restless mind and fingers itched to create just the right shade. On a whim, she dipped her brush in the wineglass and added a dash of red to the canvas.

“Ah love, this is the perfect shade. It gets deeper and darker with time…just like wine.”

Rachel pushed her chair and languidly made her way to the rumpled bed. An insatiable hunger ignited low in her belly. Her breath shuddered as she sought him – her muse, her lover, her…

Hovering over Shawn, she raked his pallid cheeks with her sharp, gnarled nails. He never flinched. “Tsk… tsk. I wish we had some more time together,” she giggled, “You’ve been the best yet. Let me have one last taste.” Rachel dipped her head lustily and kissed him long and hard. Languorously lapping at his scarred face, she slowly made her way down his taut neck that oozed scarlet. Her alter ego gained control over her tattered senses.

The air rang with her moans, tearing of flesh, and crunching of bones. The hag reared up her head, cackling with glee. She wiped her stained lips and picked at the fleshy bits stuck to her teeth with the pristine white shirt that Shawn wore last night. Oh. how the clash of colors, soothed her turbulent mind! 

Refreshed, she left the bloodied bed and ambled to her latest painting – Love’s Agony. Shawn’s dismembered limbs, and mouth stretched in a silent scream, made it a masterpiece. 


Author Note- Borrowed word – ‘Alter Ego’ originated in Latin and means ‘other self’


An Unfulfilled Longing


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