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He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves that slut, he loves me…

Whatever does he see in her, anyway? Stick thin, that Denise, with bones poking out. She has thighs like toothpicks, they would not be able to bear her own weight, forget about bearing his weight when they…

Oh, I must not think like this. I must not think that they are fornicating like bunnies! My Mark, he had promised that he would not meet her anymore, so I must trust him….

Ho-hum, shall busy myself with making that Mac and Cheese. Mark had said that he would be working overtime, so it will be just me and my good old phone..Wait, what’s this? Find My App says lover-boy is in the vicinity of Stacey’s Diner! That’s where the slut..err..Denise works! Ohhh, this makes me so mad..Ok, I am going to pay Stacey’s Diner a surprise visit. Here I come, yoohooooo…

Susie got your number and Susie ain’t your friend.. Blood is on the dance floor, blood is on the knife, Susie’s got your number and Susie says it’s right.

Oooh, I just love this song ..especially when I am in this kind of mood.. 

I hit her..I hit her good and well. I just grabbed my umbrella and hit her with it right over the head. They were so engrossed, canoodling in the corner, they didn’t see me coming. Oof, I tell you, it was so satisfying. I raised my umbrella to swipe at her one more time but then Mark caught hold of it. I totally lost my cool right then. He had the audacity to lie to me and now here he was, being her saviour. And what about me? Alone at home with my Mac and Cheese? Lucky for me, that I  dunked the Apple Air tag into the duffle bag he always carries around. Caught them red- handed, didn’t I?

The three of us got thrown out of the diner. 

Dizzy Denise went to the bathroom to wash up her messed up face and to asses the damage my umbrella had done. Mark was begging of me to calm down..He was saying that I was lucky that Denise, being the angel that she was, probably would not press charges against me. All I could see was a red blur after that. I got into my car, my trusty old sedan, the one thing in life I could trust. Men, they are all the same..Filthy, needy, worthless men, just waiting to sink themselves between another woman’s thighs! God, I could see red, red, red….Mark was standing in the same spot looking like a hurt puppy..I started the car, began reversing…seeing red, red , red..Mark got something in his eye, I could see him from the rear view mirror, fidgeting for his handkerchief , I pressed the accelerator and continued reversing….


………I drove off, never had I been more satisfied in my life…

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With reference to an article in, June 15, 2022, where a woman tracked her boyfriend using an Apple AirTag device over a suspected affair. After a dispute, she ran over him and killed him.

In Apple’s defense, Apple. inc stated that Tag had been invented to locate keys and phones and it was not invented to stalk people.

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